2 Secrets To Creating More Intimacy in Bed!

What’s the secret to ongoing intimacy, in and OUT of the bedroom? Most couples agree that they feel more emotionally, mentally, and physically connected with each other, after a good romp in the sack. But generally that yummy feeling of … Continue reading

3 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Sex into Extraordinary Sex with Tantra!

Tantra in Vancouver BCSex is fantastic. Aside from just feeling REALLY good, it’s also healthy for you physically, mentally and emotionally, i.e. boosting infection fighting cells by 20%, improving brain function, and increasing cell renewal.

That’s not to mention how it enhances the feelings of closeness between you and your partner, thus energizing the mutual connection and attraction between you.

But let’s face it, even the best sex life can get somewhat boring and routine over time. For many couples, the initial passion that inflamed the early days of their relationship, dwindles to a small ember over time, as we get bogged down in the day to day routine of “keeping it all together” in our lives. We lose connection; to ourselves and to our partners.

But, it’s that deep, juicy, intimate connection that is fuel for the fire of our sexual passion and pleasure! Here are 3 easy, simple, and effective Authentic Tantra methods for deepening that sense of intimate connection between you and your partner, and enhancing your sexual passion both in, and out of the bedroom!

#1) Breath together!

Our breath is the gateway to the present moment, and our ability to connect to our partner (and ourselves) lies here, now, in this moment.

Very often we go through our days so caught up in the rush of our modern lives, that we forget to breathe! Becoming conscious of our breath makes us conscious of our bodies, which in turn, makes us present to the moment.

How does this affect our sex? The more present we are in our bodies, the more aware we are of sensations, particularly sexual sensations. We aren’t able to truly experience the fullness of our pleasure, if we are off somewhere in our minds thinking about the dishes, our homework, or what so-and-so said at the office, right?

By slowing down, and breathing deeply, we connect with our bodies, we connect with each other, we connect with the pulse and rhythm of life itself.

#2) Eye-gazing, i.e. LOOK at each other!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For certain the eyes hold many truths about our inner thoughts and feelings. There is a discernable level of non-verbal communication that occurs when we meet eye to eye. Many people may feel vulnerable or shy about making eye-contact during lovemaking, and we encourage them to do it anyway!

There is a profound depth of intimacy and connection that occurs when we are able look deeply into our partners eyes, while making love. Emotional barriers gently dissolve, and we begin to relax and open to one another on a level much deeper than the conscious mind. Stress melts away, and we are able to feel connected to ourselves, to each other, to our bodies, and to our pleasure!

#3) Express Yourself!

I am continuously amazed at how both women and men will engage in the most intimate act that 2 people can engage in, and yet be terrified of talking to each other about their pleasure, during the act itself.

Sex is a team sport, and Tantric sex even more so! And the goal? Pleasure! The most fulfilling pleasure that we are able to experience in that moment. AND, just like any other “team-sport” the players MUST be in communication about what plays are definitely working, and which ones are not!

This does not require a continuous stream of conversation. Gentle loving tones of encouragement are all that is required, but be sure to use your words! Moans are nice, but they are NOT always a clear form of communication.

Many people we speak with find moans open to interpretation, and prefer a spoken “yes that’s really nice”, or “yes, I like that”, to the nebulousness of a well placed moan. Words of appreciation and encouragement are the magic keys to getting the most out of our intimate sexual connection. And if we ask for what we want (in gentle loving tones), we’ll probably get it!

By using these 3 simple Authentic Tantra methods, you can easily deepen the intimate connection between you and your partner, and transform your ordinary sex into an extraordinary garden of delightful pleasure, for you both!

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