Energy Sex

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How To Have Great Anal Sex, Threesomes, Sex Addiction, and Being Dominated in Bed!

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Get Back to Passion

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End Boring SEX with Getlusty!

Get the scoop on Get Lusty’s mission to End Boring Sex!

End Boring sex!Are you in a long term monogamous relationship? Do you struggle with how to keep the sex passionate, exciting, and playful?

Listen in as Devi Ward speaks with GetLusty Founder, Erica Grigg about her mission to END boring sex!

Find out more about HOW and why they do what they do, and what you can learn from their commitment to fun and exciting monogamy, NOT monotony!

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Erica GriggErica Grigg is the Co-Founder Prior, she spent around a decade crossing over between the world of sustainability and social media marketing. Launching in August 2012, GetLusty has seen widespread success in Chicago and beyond with 1000s of couples from across the USA members of the website.

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Twitter: @getlusty @LustyCouples @LustySingles

LinkedIn: GetLusty (Singles & Couples)