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Does having foreskin make sex better? Is the male foreskin an essential component of both make and female sexual pleasure? Devi speaks with Dr. Paul Tinari regarding his research on the Whole TRUTH about male infant circumcision – The largest mass deception campaign ever mounted in history.

For many years Dr. Tinari has worked as evaluator of scientific papers submitted by doctors and scientists seeking funding for their research. His professional responsibility is to separate quality from crap.  Because of his broad and lengthy experience  in the evaluation of medical research, he has become a vocal critic of doctors using questionable, unscientific or outright falsified research to justify non-medically justified, but highly profitable, surgeries such as the circumcision of healthy children. 

Dr. Tinari’s Ph.D. research was in the area of capillary flows (flows of fluid through narrow channels) and the study of lymphatic flows in the body.  After many years of study he came to the conclusion that stagnant lymph is a re-curser to many physical disorders possibly  including a number of types of cancer.  He is therefore an advocate of lymph massage as an important component of overall health & wellness. 

Dr. Tinari lectures widely on these and other topics connected with human wellness.   

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How Tantra Healed My Soul (And Other Profound Revelations)

My Name is Devi Ward and this is the totally absurd story of how practicing Tantric Sex healed my soul.

I was born in 1974, the result of an inter-racial marriage. My father is of African, European, & Native American ancestry (otherwise known as black). My mother is half Polish & half Czechoslovakian, blond, blue-eyed, aka white.

My parents were married in Detroit, Michigan in 1969, just 2 YEARS after inter-racial marriage was no longer considered a felony offense in many American states.

I grew up in Maryland, New Jersey, and Michigan. My parents divorced when I was 6, and I lived with mom in predominantly white, working-class neighborhoods, while she struggled to make ends meet as a single parent.

I am what is called a “hi-yella”, my skin tone is very light, pale, even ivory colored at times. I burn easily, need sunscreen, and have sun-damage as a result of my negligence in this area.

My hair on the other hand is nappy, very curly, unruly, and a white woman’s nightmare!

Growing up, the images of feminine beauty that I aspired to all had long, flowing, straight, (usually) blond hair. All of my female friends were white, and boys liked them.

Even in 3rd grade, they were considered “pretty”, while I with the freakishly pale skin, nasty hair, and freckles was more than just an ugly duckling, I was a racial absurdity, and there was no one like me around for miles.

I was conditioned at a very young age to believe that white women were superior to me, and that white men were just plain superior.

My life experiences confirmed this belief on a regular basis, and the images of beauty that I was and still am exposed to, continue to re-affirm this culturally conditioned belief.

And then, something extraordinary and completely unimagined occurred. I started practicing Tantra. Sex that is. I started practicing Tantric Sex.

I started practicing CONSCIOUS SEX, meaning, I stopped chasing the romantic dream that had been spoon-fed to me through mainstream media as my “fulfillment”, and I chose to explore sexuality as a path of self-realization, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.

I began to experience levels of pleasure that were indescribable. I literally lost my mind, and entered altered states of consciousness, that were generated by physical-sexual-bliss.

I began unlocking emotional traumas that had crystalized in my body, and had severely inhibited my sense of self- confidence and self-worth as a woman.

Seemingly minor traumas such as; being described as repulsively ugly by these pretty white boys that society treated as young gods.

Doors that had previously been locked flew open, as a result of awakening to sensations of sexual bliss that are beyond description.

Beyond the rational workings of my conscious mind, into the as yet untapped depth of my subconscious, that which was hidden before rose to the surface, as a result of engaging the shadow of my sexuality …consciously.

I began to heal from wounds that I did not even know I had.

I began to reclaim sexual awareness… and awareness is POWER!

I wish that I could convey in words the depth and profundity of personal healing that has occurred simply as a result of practicing Tantric Sex.

It seems ridiculous, it seems absurd that SEX, SEX, conscious SEX could lead to the complete healing of wounds that were so deep and so painful, that I was unable to see them directly, and the scope of their effect upon my life and my choices.

What I discovered through Tantra, of all the weird and bizarre things, is that racism is a cultural condition.

It is a program that is introduced to us as a society on an almost imperceptible level, and maintained, reinforced again & again by mainstream media, and our cultural orientation as a whole.

Unless you are on the receiving end of the equation, you will never understand the effect of it. Never.

Just as those who have experienced the emotionally crippling effects of living in a culture indoctrinated with racism, will never understand what it is like to live  without it’s shadow.

As a result of unraveling my social and cultural conditioning in relationship to sexual acceptance and normalcy, I began to unravel a much deeper level of subtle programing relating to race and social acceptance.

As I became sexually free and empowered, sexually satisfied and celebrated, a much deeper level of suffering became apparent, and the ways in which I had been sensually repressed as a woman became glaringly obvious.

The ways in which that occurred because of my race became even more so.

The divinely beautiful irony is that, the catalyst for all of this epic growth was the result of being brutally rejected by one of those superior white men, that I oh so adored, but could never quite convince of my worth.

I was in fact “dismissed”, to make way for “the great white goddess”, a woman I would always and forever fall short, according to my racial programming.

Day after day I was confronted head on with the internal belief of my inherent inferiority.

For I am not white, blond, wealthy, beautiful, and socially well adjusted. I am light skinned, nappy haired, beautiful yes, but socially maladjusted, and definitely NOT normal!

I live on the fringes of society and have yet to experience social acceptance at the level of mainstream white society.

Nor do I ever aspire to at this point. I have earned my freedom from the mainstream mind, and I intend to keep it.

I am now married to a white man, who through his love and emotional acceptance, has become my best friend, and my healer on many levels. We consider ourselves “poly-amorous”, we have the ability to love many, not just the romantic dream of one.

This for me is another example of healing and empowerment, for instead of hoarding and owning his love out of fear of scarcity or lack, as my partners friend, I truly desire his love and happiness, as well as my own.

We accept that though we may fill many needs for each other, we don’t fill all of them, and we celebrate and uphold our individual freedom to meet needs for connection, expression and joy with others and in other ways.

I continue to find it absurd that the deepest most profound healing of my life resulted from the simple practices of sexual communication, eye-contact, genital massage, and semen retention.

It’s stupid that something as obvious as SEX, could be a gateway to such internal emancipation.

The profound absurdity of my Tantric Healing, is that my fractured soul and the depth of my wound was not only revealed to me, but HEALED through simple, effective, conscious, SEX!! 

I hope it will be for you as well, should you choose to walk upon that path.

Devi’s Vagina Monologue…

This is the original text for my ShowoffBooks photoshoot. From what I understand, this book was originally created as a statement against the growing practice of Labiaplasty, though it has since evolved into a more vast and poignant expression of self-empowerment for all women.

On December 11th, after an incredibly challenging day of missing 2 ferries to Vancouver city and driving for eons, we arrived at the photo shoot. It was the very last day of shooting, and the author and photographer had generously stayed later than scheduled, as a result of my unplanned tardiness. I was immediately struck by the vibrant beauty and aliveness of the Author (Wrenna) and the precision and skill of the photographer (Katie). The actual photography took about 7 minutes to complete.. stand and snap, recline and snap. Somewhat anti-climactic after the intensity of the day, but more than made up for by the opportunity to participate in such a revolutionary work of art. Not to mention spending some time with these two very exceptional women. Mine was the very last Yoni photographed, and I was number 69. This is my story….

My name is Devi and this is my Lotus. I am 36 years old and I have no children, as a life choice. I am a Tantric Sexuality Educator and the fact that I chose to participate in this book is to me, a statement of the tremendous healing, growth and transformation that I have experienced as a result of the sexual practices that I teach. I believe that both women and men grow up with an underlying sense of shame regarding their sexuality, as a result of the “sex negative” culture in which we live. As a young woman, I grew up with a deep sense of shame regarding my vagina, though I could not pinpoint an exact experience that would cause this. The fears and shames consisted mostly of A) The fear of smelling bad, B) The fear of my vagina being too “loose from use”, both literally and figuratively, and C) Just a subtle and subconscious “sense of being dirty down there”. During the process of sexual healing that I have undergone these last few years, I have become aware of the direct physical impact that these subconscious emotions of fear, shame, and guilt have, on our ability to fully experience pleasure as women. In regards to the appearance of my Vulva… to shave or not to shave was about as far as it went for me. Though I do remember that when I was a stripper, I would often discreetly peek at the other girls in the dressing room, out of the corner of my eye, trying to unobtrusively “compare goods”. I remember seeing vulvas with the inner labia sticking out a bit, and thinking how pretty that looked, like a flower, and kind of wishing mine looked the same. Mildly I wondered if mine was “different” in some way, normal, attractive, etc. I regularly had men report to me that my vagina, yoni, (and now lotus), was  “very pretty”…so my need for vaginal acceptance was met, at least on the level of appearance. Honestly, it didn’t even occur to me that one could surgically alter the appearance of the Vulva until now. When I learned about Labiaplasty, (very recently in fact), I felt a tremendous sense of sadness that any young woman would be in so much pain about the appearance of her vulva, that she would willingly choose to have it butchered. To have that delicate, highly sensitive, pleasure-enhancing tissue surrounding the vaginal opening, willingly cut up and cut off, in order to fit some culturally conditioned standard of beauty. Then I read more, and learned that Labiaplasty sometimes also includes the clitoral tissue as well. This sounds dangerously similar to the process of female circumcision, the intention being to minimize, (if not eradicate completely), the pleasurable sensations of intercourse, so that a women feels little-to-no pleasure during sex.  Isn’t female circumcision considered a “crime against humanity” in some countries? And also, my god! Don’t we as women have enough culturally enforced “body-image” issues already? Now this? On top of having to constantly manage my hair, my skin, my nails, my weight, my boobs, my ass, now I have to have the perfect looking pussy too. According to who, I wonder? And for what…? What is the “golden mean” that we are all desperately trying to achieve with this inward twisting and turning, and outward slicing and dicing? What is the burning need, the passionate desire that inspires us to work so hard for physical perfection? That allows us to brutalize ourselves internally, and at times mutilate ourselves externally?

I believe it is the desperate and unremitting need for love and acceptance. That basic, underlying desire that we all have as Human beings; to be loved. To simply be loved, and accepted, exactly as we are.

And so I feel very sad that some women feel that the best strategy for accomplishing their goal of love and acceptance, is to willingly have themselves “circumcised” in a sense. To have their precious labia cut off, and their bliss pearls (clitoris’s) altered to “look more appealing”. How will they ever feel pleasure after that sort of trauma? I know the intense amount of emotional and physical healing that my Vulva and Vagina needed to undergo in order to reach my full orgasmic capacity as a woman, and my trauma was purely emotionally and psychologically based. I can’t imagine what it would take to re-sensitize a vulva after that sort of physical damage has been done.

In all honesty, I believe the growing practice of labiaplasty is a red flag for us, not just as women, but for all of us, as a spiritually and sexually disconnected society. A very drastic and painful testament of what we all do to ourselves on some level, in an attempt to have those basic underlying Human needs for acceptance, love, and connection met. And tragically, how so many of our strategies fail.

My name is Devi and this is my pussy, my vulva, my yoni, cunt, vagina, mandala, and very Secret Sky.

To learn more about ShowoffBooks please visit them at!/pages/Show-Off-Books/135439953171699

Uncovering the Core of Your Sensual Self-Expression

Uncovering the deepest core of your sensual self-expression blossoms from an awareness of the source of movement. Most of us are not consciously aware of the direct correlation between how we move our bodies, and the thoughts or emotions we are experiencing. Imagine if you will, walking down a busy street, a hallway at the office, or just around your own home. How often are we “lost in thought”? How often are we following an internal dialogue about our lives, our partners, our children, those people at work, and unaware of what our physical body is doing and feeling? Conversely, how often do we stride through life with power and purpose, feeling deeply connected with a sense of self that goes beyond the mind, beyond our self-concepts, a place in which we feel rested, calm and connected?
How and what we think and feel about ourselves is directly expressed in our physical body. When we feel happy and free our body may feel light and fluid, when we are feeling tired or depressed, the body may feel heavy and slow. Most body workers know and agree that emotions are stored or “locked’ in the body, and when our range of motion is limited by pain or discomfort in a certain area, chances are a stored emotion is responsible for this block. Feminine Emergence is a tool for awakening awareness of your sensual self, and thus revealing areas in which that sensual expression is limited or blocked. We begin by placing focus on the central channel, the core of our life force, and learn to move outward from this source. Using the 5 core pelvic movements, we uncover limitations in our range of motion. We then use our breath and Tantric visualizations to bring consciousness and light to these areas, facilitating growth and healing. Once the core movements become more comfortable, we begin infusing them with energy, focusing on the molten power of human sensuality, allowing this unlocked Chi to run freely throughout the body. Through this we begin cultivating awareness of the relationship between movement and intention, infusing the external movement with the internal essence. Many practitioners of Feminine Emergence have shared that developing this awareness of movement enriches many other aspects of their lives.
Each of us has our own unique flavor of sensual expression. Creating the space to discover and cultivate YOUR sense of sensual self-expression can be a richly rewarding experience that has the potential to enhance your life and sexuality in a myriad of ways.
For more information regarding Feminine Emergence or to learn the Tantric Arts of Love, please visit or

Sex – Quality not Quantity

In regards to sexual activity, I personally, am more in favor of quality of experience rather than quantity. I very much enjoy making delicious juicy love with my partner for several hours, once or twice a week. Imagine a situation in which your partner lovingly coaxes orgasm after orgasm from your body, has his own multiple orgasms, and retains his semen, so that he is enriched and revitalized from your lovemaking, rather than physically depleted and emotionally absent. Much prefer that, than the conventionally accepted and (in some cases much endorsed) approach to sexuality, of frequent sexual encounters which consists of 2-10 minutes of penetration before he ejaculates and it’s over. A situation that repeats itself day after day, over and over again. A life circumstance  in which I am minimally to partially satisfied as a woman (at best!), and he is emotionally and physically exhausted and depleted as a result of his chronic lack of ejaculatory control.
That’s like eating dog food every day, when you have access to an organic garden full of produce that is delicious, nutritious, and bursting with life. All you have to do is get the right tools, and spend a little time and energy cultivating it.

Female Orgasm Secrets~Sexercise!

Feminine Emergence~ Sacred Erotic Dance

What’s the secret to deeper, longer, & stronger orgasms, both clitoral & vaginal? Sexercise! Traditionally known as Vaginal Kung-fu, or Jade Egg & Ben Wa Ball exercises. These “sexercises” are similar to kegals but better, because they work deep into the entire … Continue reading

Practicing the Art of Tantric Healing Movement

The word “Tantra” generally refers to a series of sexual practices or yoga’s that have the effect of enhancing and sustaining sexual bliss for the purpose of spiritual realization.
Literally Tantra means, “to weave”- light and sound with form. The literal definition refers to meditative practices, which use visualization (light), mantra (sound), and the body of the practitioner (form), to achieve states of mental and emotional clarity, or enlightenment.
Tantric Movement classes are designed to incorporate both the literal and general meanings of the word Tantra. In the general sense we will be practicing specific yoga’s, (movements) that are designed to enhance sexuality by cultivating strength and tone of the entire body, most specifically the muscles associated with and around the pelvis. Strong pelvic and pc muscles are essential for enhanced sexual pleasure, as they support greater orgasmic ability, intensity, and control, for both men and women. Further adding to the benefit of these physical exercises is the use of the Jade Ben Wa Balls for women.
Ben Wa Balls greatly enhance the efficacy of Kegal type exercises, by giving the body an object to “grip” and tense around. According to Taoist practices, the energetic quality of Jade is yang, and by placing it in the most yin area of a woman’s body, helps to create a harmonious overall balance. Doing Jade Ben Wa Ball exercises is especially recommend for women who have given birth, or who have vaginal pain or dryness, as the energetic quality of the Jade acts to soothe, heal and strengthen.

In addition to these physical practices we will incorporate the Secret Tibetan Five Element Teachings. The Tibetan Five Element teachings are a form of chakra yoga, based on the elements of fire, earth, water, air and space. These are the very elements, which make up our human form and everything in our environment. Each of the five elements has a specific color, shape and sound, to which we will add the yoga of movement. Each element corresponds to a particular quality of movement, and the intention of these classes is to explore those variations in depth. Using these sounds and visualizations also has the result of activating, enriching, and healing all the energy centers of the body.

Tantric Movement classes combine these Esoteric Teachings with the other element of pure fun! Joy and pleasure are the inspiration that open the body to greater range of motion, greater flexibility, greater endurance, and greater health. All movement exercises in these classes are designed to be an exploration and a celebration of your Self, while deepening the connection between body, heart, and mind.

For more information regarding Tantric Movement classes please visit Devi Ward at Sex Passion Vancouver!

Tantric Movement

Cultivating Sensual Essence through healing movement and dance