Sex After 50

Devi speaks with Joan Price about Sex After 50. Joan’s mission is to change society’s view of boomer/senior/elder sex, one mind at a time, and to help seniors get the information they need to maintain or regain a joyful sex life. Joan’s latest and most comprehensive book is The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50: How to Maintain – or Regain! – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life.

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We discussed:

*Why we don’t see sexy seniors in the media?

*What misconceptions do seniors have about their own sex lives?

*What are some of the issues that seniors report to you as interfering with a good sex life?

*Sex toys for seniors?

*Tips for having better sex.

About Joan Price ~

Joan Price photo 2013 - square hi resJoan Price ( calls herself an advocate for ageless sexuality. She has been called other things by the media: “senior sexpert,” “the beautiful face of senior sex,” and—her favorite—”wrinkly sex kitten.” She is the author of the new Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain – or Regain! – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life; the award-winning self-help book, Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex; and the sexy memoir, Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty. Joan continues to talk out loud about senior sex — partnered or solo – in speeches and workshops, and on her zesty blog about sex and aging –

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Twitter:  @joanprice

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Available now: The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain – or Regain! – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life(Cleis Press)

 You can purchase Joan’s products at: and Amazon


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Arielle Loren joins Devi Ward to honor the power and beauty of female genital anatomy. With documentaries like The Perfect Vagina suggesting many women hate their vulva’s and vaginas, Arielle will share the inspiration behind Corset’s new issue, her own personal journey to loving her beautiful parts, and tips for listeners to do the same.

Arielle Loren is the founder of Corset Magazine, an erotic magazine dedicated to sexual empowerment. Her work has been featured and praised by The Huffington Post, NPR, ESSENCE, Jezebel, NBC News (The Grio), and more. Arielle has taken Corset Magazine on tour all over the U.S. and Canada, doing live events and connecting with the magazine’s international readership. Corset Magazine is currently nine issues strong, covering topics such as Oral Pleasure, Sacred Sex, Orgasms, Kink & BDSM, and Sex Toys. It’s tenth issue will discuss the beauty and power of of vulvas and vaginas through personal stories and feature a variety of empowering erotic perspectives. You can download the Vulvas & Vaginas issue when it’s released and past issues of Corset Magazine

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Can Self-Pleasure Be Stylish?

Closet Collection BannerLet me just start off by saying that masturbation has never been this fashionable, thanks to our newest sponsor The Closet Collection Toys~ Sensual elegance at it’s best!

Yesterday I received their entire collection of luxury sex toys to review for our audience, and with over 11 styles of “personal massagers” I plan on being otherwise occupied for days to come (no pun intended!)

This evening I plan on spending a little time with my new friends Jimmee & Donatello….I will be sure to give you a full written report over the weekend.

For now, I invite you to tune in to Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward every Thursday evening at 7pm PST, and discover more ways to awaken, heal, and transform your sexuality, to begin living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life on every level!

Yes, even masturbation can do that for you!

Say Hi to My New Friends Jimmee & Donatello…

Devi Ward Sex toy review


The Perils Of Self-Pleasure:Can You Get Addicted To Your Vibrator?

Female Orgasm

I am a HUGE fan of luxury sex toys, and consider them to be an integral part of sexual healing and orgasmic empowerment for both women and men, but most women that I speak with have some questions about how much is too much when it comes to using a vibrator.

Do vibrators actually make a woman less sensitive to touch?

And- if a woman is able to orgasm easily when she uses her vibrator by herself, but DOESN’T orgasm with her partner, does this mean that she’s addicted to it?

Wondering if you can become addicted to or desensitized by using a vibrator is a common and valid concern, and the most honest answer is, well … sort of.

Dr. Jim Pfaus, a researcher and professor of psychology at Montreal’s Concordia University, notes in Naomi Wolf’s book Vaginathe human spinal circuit will habituate to the same repeated stimuli, over a period of time, and thus vibrators may desensitize women, due to this natural “habituation” phenomenon.

In short – if you use the same vibrator again and again and again, your nervous system becomes “adapted” to the specific frequency of that particular vibration.

Does this mean you need to get rid of your vibrator?


To me this simply means- use more than one vibrator.

Every vibrator provides it’s own unique “pattern” of vibration, so if your body becomes accustomed to one “pattern”- to the point where sensation is diminished- simply change it up a bit by introducing a new “frequency” and/or use your fingers too!

I myself have several vibrators that I use, as well as interchanging with my fingers to provide tactile sensation. I like to say that self-pleasuring is a two-handed job and requires the ability to multi-task.

And so it seems with vibrators, as with everything else, variety truly is the spice of life.

In regard to your inability to orgasm with your partner – there may be a few different reasons for that, but in the case of oral stimulation, it’s usually just a matter of some simple guidance and communication.

Most often, our partners are fumbling around in the dark, trying to read our subtle body-language “cues” and hoping desperately that the sound we just made means we like it, and not that it hurts.

At the same time, we’re usually in our heads wondering how we smell, taste and sound, and thinking “if they just went a little softer and to the left …” or something along that line.

Alternatively, when it’s you and your vibrator – you know exactly how, where, and when to use it.

Usually, your partner doesn’t have all of the inside information that he or she needs in order to “get the job done,” so it’s really no surprise you find it easier to orgasm when it’s just you and “Mr. Rabbit.”

Giving your partner some gentle verbal feedback and encouragement when they’re on the right track can make a world of difference for both of you (and a properly timed ‘thank you, I like that’ always has its place).

Then your vibrator is no longer “competition” but enhancement, which is exactly what it was designed for.