10 Ways Tantra Can Improve Your Health and Relationships!

Teaching the Swift Path

Teaching the Swift Path

Tantra is a word that is casually thrown around these days, yet many people remain ignorant to the true healing and transformative power of this ancient and sacred art.

So what are some tangible benefits of Authentic Tantric Practices?

Here are 10 ways in which Authentic Tantra can improve your physical health and intimate relationships!

Tantric orgasms on a regular basis affect our physical, emotional and mental health by:

1) Boosting infection fighting cells by 20%

2) Stimulating and increasing secretions of the pineal and pituitary glands, thereby positively affecting brain and body chemistry

3) Revitalizing the endocrine glands for more HGH, seratonin, DHEA, and testosterone production. DHEA is believed to improve brain function, balance the immune system, help maintain and repair tissue, promote healthy skin, and improve cardiovascular health.

 4) Frequent and powerful orgasms increase the hormone levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is linked to personality, passion, social skills, emotional quotient, all of which affect career, marriage, emotional health, and social skills

5) Tantric orgasms on a regular basis have the ability to alleviate depression, prolong life-span, strengthen immune system, and improve quality of life.

6) Tantric sexual practices have the ability to correct many sexually related issues for women such as:

  1. Enabling non-orgasmic women to become multi-orgasmic
  2. Enabling women to become sexually expressive and personally empowered.

7) Tantric sexual practices have the ability to correct many sexually related issues for men such as:

  1. Enabling men to retain long, strong, and powerful erections well into their old age
  2. Enabling men to become multi-orgasmic and improve mental focus and energy by retaining vital essences lost through involuntary ejaculation.

8) Can enhance relationships by cultivating a deeper sense of intimacy and connection

9) Can build and increase trust by regularly practicing communication skills

10) Uses orgasmic pleasure to heal sexual trauma and blocks to intimacy! 


Tantric sexual practices are simple, easy, fun, and highly effective! To learn more, please visit us at Tantric Arts of Love.com and Sex Passion Vancouver.ca. Visit Devi Ward at Feminine Emergence for Tantra and Sensual Enrichment for Women.


The Fruition of My Sexual Passion

Before I learned the style of Tantra that I now teach, I had plenty of passion, but no method.

As a result, the full expression of my sexual passion was unrealized, as I had no skills or methods for bringing that natural, but latent talent to fruition.

After many years of developing the Tantric sexual methods that we teach, my sexual experience is comparable to that of a well trained dancer.

A brilliant dancer who burns with passion, and transcends ordinary existence through the articulate and moving expression of her soul. One who has developed a degree of perfection in the execution of each movement, through a lifetime of diligence, practice, and focus.

By achieving a degree of accomplishment in Tantric sexual methods, a pure and brilliant vessel has been forged, into which I may now pour the full passion of my heart, and be realized in the hot, molten blaze of sexual transcendence.

Thus an artist is realized through the development, study, and application of her art.

Uncovering the Core of Your Sensual Self-Expression

Uncovering the deepest core of your sensual self-expression blossoms from an awareness of the source of movement. Most of us are not consciously aware of the direct correlation between how we move our bodies, and the thoughts or emotions we are experiencing. Imagine if you will, walking down a busy street, a hallway at the office, or just around your own home. How often are we “lost in thought”? How often are we following an internal dialogue about our lives, our partners, our children, those people at work, and unaware of what our physical body is doing and feeling? Conversely, how often do we stride through life with power and purpose, feeling deeply connected with a sense of self that goes beyond the mind, beyond our self-concepts, a place in which we feel rested, calm and connected?
How and what we think and feel about ourselves is directly expressed in our physical body. When we feel happy and free our body may feel light and fluid, when we are feeling tired or depressed, the body may feel heavy and slow. Most body workers know and agree that emotions are stored or “locked’ in the body, and when our range of motion is limited by pain or discomfort in a certain area, chances are a stored emotion is responsible for this block. Feminine Emergence is a tool for awakening awareness of your sensual self, and thus revealing areas in which that sensual expression is limited or blocked. We begin by placing focus on the central channel, the core of our life force, and learn to move outward from this source. Using the 5 core pelvic movements, we uncover limitations in our range of motion. We then use our breath and Tantric visualizations to bring consciousness and light to these areas, facilitating growth and healing. Once the core movements become more comfortable, we begin infusing them with energy, focusing on the molten power of human sensuality, allowing this unlocked Chi to run freely throughout the body. Through this we begin cultivating awareness of the relationship between movement and intention, infusing the external movement with the internal essence. Many practitioners of Feminine Emergence have shared that developing this awareness of movement enriches many other aspects of their lives.
Each of us has our own unique flavor of sensual expression. Creating the space to discover and cultivate YOUR sense of sensual self-expression can be a richly rewarding experience that has the potential to enhance your life and sexuality in a myriad of ways.
For more information regarding Feminine Emergence or to learn the Tantric Arts of Love, please visit http://www.feminineemergence.com or http://www.tantricartsoflove.com