About TAL

Aloha and Welcome!

We are very excited to provide a school for Tantric Sex, which offers some rare and very precious teachings.

Our goal at Tantric Arts of Love is to teach all the aspects of sexual Tantra needed to swiftly accomplish highly blissful and sensual love-making.

We feel passionately about providing Authentic Tantric Sexual Instruction to couples and singles, in a way that is comfortable, fun and easy to understand. We have a wide variety of offerings to suit your individual needs for learning, transformation, healing and growth.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that points to the significant and life-enhancing health benefits of conscious sexual practices, not to mention the emotional and psychological benefits of learning how to authentically and comfortably communicate to our selves and partners about our sexuality.

Add to that the powerful support that these practices lend to ones spiritual path, and you have a recipe for a truly extraordinary life experience!

The Tantric Arts of Love are not only sexual practices, they are also healing practices that affect our physical, mental and emotional heath on a profound level.

Many of us have or are experiencing pain in our sexuality, due to social conditioning, trauma, and lack of fulfillment.

Tantric sexual practices can be the exact medicine that heals this!

Tantric sexual practices have the ability to:

Help many non-orgasmic women become multi-orgasmic

Men to achieve and retain long, strong, and powerful erections

Couples to create a deeper sense of intimacy, connection and sexual fulfillment.

These practices also improve physical health by generating a rich abundance of life-giving & anti-aging chemistries in the body, which are not created in any other way!

Instruction in the Tantric Arts of Love may include :

  • The  Secret Tibetan Five Element Tantric Sexual Practices
  • Meditation practices
  • Deepening intimacy by cultivating communication during sexual union
  • Techniques for semen retention and prolonging intercourse
  • Multiple orgasms for men and women
  • Mind-blowing sensual skills for pleasuring partners
  • Juicy sexual movements and positions
  • Exercises for cultivating sexual chi and power
  • Special breathing techniques
  • Exercises for genital health and strength
  • An extensive array of other beneficial and life-enriching methods

We have courses available for beginners through intermediate, advanced, and Daka and Dakini levels of practitioner.

To see our complete list of offerings, and to learn more about practicing the Tantric Arts of Love, please visit us @ www.tantricartsoflove.com

We look forward to giving you the tools necessary to cultivate a truly enriching, deeply satisfying, and ecstatic experience of sexuality!

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