Our Recommendations

Here we have listed our top reading and viewing suggestions for enhancing and supporting your Tantric Path.

To order any of our recommended items, please click on the links displayed.

For questions, please feel free to contact us at Tantric Arts of Love or Sex Passion Vancouver!

Suggested Reading from Tantric Arts of Love and Sex Passion Vancouver

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1) The Tao of Health, Sex, & Longevity – The absolute best source of information regarding semen retention that we have found.Describes in detail the Taoist philosophy regarding semen retention as a matter of health, and backs it up with present scientific data. A MUST read !

      The Tao of Health, Sex, & Longevity 

2) Non-Violent Communication – The starting text book for developing your Compassionate Communication skills.

3) Healing With Form, Energy & Light – The 5 Element text book. Essential for those wanting to deepen their understanding of  how and why the 5 Element practices work.


4) The Art of Sexual Ecstasy – Another must have for Tantric exploration. Full of insightful information and useful exercises to heal and awaken your sacred sensual self.

5) The Tibetan Arts of Love – An ancient textbook of the erotic arts. Truly delightful!

6) I’ll Show You Mine-“I’ll Show You Mine” is a photo study of female genitalia and a window into women’s experiences of their genitals. The photos in the book demonstrate and celebrate the wonderful diversity of the vulva. This book includes Devi Ward and her story of Tantric Genital Healing with Jacques Drouin.

Viewing Suggestions From Tantric Arts of Love

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#1) Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion"" Excellent, tasteful, and well made DVD, exploring the beauty of Female Ejaculation. A MUST SEE!

#2) Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy""-Fantastic introduction to Tantra, form some of the leading experts. A wonderful overview of the many different components of Sexual Tantra. Highly recommended!

#3) The Best Of Vulva Massage, Vol. II"" – Another excellent instructional DVD in the Art of Vulva Massage. Another highly recommended product!

#4) Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy"" A classic Tantra DVD, made by the “Founders” of Neo-Tantra in the West, Charles & Caroline Muir

For Our Top-Quality Product Suggestions, Please See Our “Toys For Tantra” Page!

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