About Authentic Tantra™

Authentic Tantra™ is a style of Tantric sexual yoga that weaves some of the most ancient, undiluted, lineage-based Tantric Sexual & Non-Sexual Practices, with Taoist Sexual Yoga, and modern, cutting edge, sex education.

Authentic Tantra™ is the ONLY style of Tantra in the world that offers qualified instruction in The Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Teachings, which are some of the most powerful, transformative, & healing Tantric sexual instructions available today.

Learn more about The Secret Tibetan 5 Element Practices!

As Authentic Tantra™ Educators, we believe:

  • Having an extraordinary, rewarding, mutually fulfilling, and healthy experience of sexuality is every human beings birthright.
  • We propose that having a fully integrated and fulfilling experience of sexuality is an integral part to individual personal wellness, social balance, and world peace.
  • We feel passionately about providing the most authentic, effective, and practical methods to access your true sexual potential, in a way that is tangible, safe, playful and stimulating.

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