Your Pleasure & Mine

Devi speaks with Mariotta Gary-Smith. “It’s Your Pleasure & Mine! Find out what it means to be a sexologist & sexuality educator;the importance of sex education in a sex negative culture & the importance of honoring Women of Color in this industry.

Learn about:

*  Sexual pleasure, information, and education is a human right

*  Knowing to pleasure yourself increases your pleasure with others

*  Sexuality is across the lifespan

*  Good head (in your mind/brain/knowledge) leads to…

* Women of Color Sexual Health Network

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MariottaAbout Mariotta Gary-Smith, MPH~

Mariotta Gary-Smith is a 3rd generation social justice activist/agitator. As a result of her family history, she became interested in social justice, public health & human sexuality/behavior in high school and served on several youth councils. Mariotta completed her undergraduate & graduate work in Atlanta, GA. In the Fall of 2008, she was one of the 5 nationally selected scholars  for the 2008-2009 Inaugural Class of the Center of Excellence for Sexual Health (CESH) Scholars Program at Morehouse School of Medicine. After this year long experience, she embraced the term “sexologist” to describe what she does as her life work.

Mariotta has over 15 years of experience & continues to advocate & provide safe spaces for open discussion. She  presents at conferences & conducts workshops that educate women and girls of color about identity, sexual health, sexuality, safer sex practices & sexual health advocacy.

Currently, Mariotta serves as the AASHEP (African American Sexual Health Equity Health Program) Health Educator in the STD/HIVE Program for the Multnomah County Health Department, in Portland, OR.

Connect with Mariotta at:

Email Address:

Work Cell: 503-701-4921

Twitter: @dabrownsugasexdoc

Facebook: Mariotta Gary-Smith

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