The Best Sex of the Year!

Devi speaks with returning guest Jon Pressick about the best sex writing of 2014.

Find out: 

  • What is sex writing?
  • Is this erotica (no!)
  • What is the state of sex in current media?
  • What could be better done with sex in media?
  • What are the most pressing sex-related topics we should be having?

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About Jon Pressick ~

Jon is the editor of Best Sex Writing of the Year, volume 1, co-host and producer of the weekly sex radio show Sex City and all-around sex blogger at He is also a freelance sex writer and frequent contributor to

Connect with Jon at:

Name Jon Pressick

Email Address:

Website Address: &

Twitter: @sexinwords & @bestsexwriters


Where people can purchase your product: 


Barnes and Noble:


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