Tantra, Kink, & Bondassage!

viktoriawhiteshirt05small1In this episode of Better Love and Sex, Devi speaks with Sensual Provocateur, Lady Viktoria about the relationship between Tantra, Kink & Bondage. Get the inside scoop on sensual BDSM play.

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We discussed:

1. What is the relationship between Tantra and “kink”?
2. What is “Bondassage” and how does it fit into BDSM?
3. Can BDSM be sensual and not painful?
4. What is the most important part of erotic play?
5. How to introduce “sacred kink” into your sex life

About Lady Viktoria ~

Viktoria (Lady Viktoria) is the founder of Playful Loving and Kinky4Play. Lady Viktoria identifies as a passionate provocateur, catalyst and avant-garde sexuality and relationship coach, counsellor, confidante and chi kung massage practitioner. She has been an active kink community leader for over 10 years and leads adventurous public play-shops, weekly classes and intensives. She is a gifted speaker, inspiring confidence, curiousity and authentic communication with her audience. She regularly facilitates presentations and workshops at community organizations, campuses and conferences across North America.
For the Adventurous: Sublime Sensual Surrender
Empowering Erotic Education

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