Jade Eggs and Vaginal Kung Fu

TiffanyDevi speaks with Tiffany Janay of “Organic Blood” about “Jade Eggs and Vaginal Kung Fu”.

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We discussed:

* What the heck are Yoni Eggs and why should every woman be using them?

* Sexual manifestation? Tell me more!

* What are the benefits of using Yoni Eggs?

* How often, how long should you use them? * How do you clean them?

About Tiffany Janay ~

Tiffany Janay, is the Co-owner of Organic Blood Yoni Eggs along with her husband Malik Zakee. She is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and holistic health advocate. She has extensive knowledge in semi-precious stones, creative marketing approaches, business branding, and distribution. As a pioneer in the Yoni Wellness Movement, Organic Blood aims to unify all women to join the goddess movement.

Tiffany’s passion for Yoni Eggs, Yoni Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Health & Wealth, Relationship Sustainability, Manifestation, and Women’s Sensuality has allowed her to  tour around the world connecting with individuals on their self-healing journey.

Contact Tiffany:

Instagram: @tiffanyjanay



Facebook: Yoni Eggs and Organic Blood

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