Racism and Sexuality

Institutionalized Racism PicIn this episode of Better Love and Sex, Devi speaks with Sexual Educator, Rakhem Sekhu about how institutionalized racism impacts the sexual experience of people of color in America.

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We discussed:

  1. What is Racism and How to Recognize it
  2. How Racism Affects Everyone – White & Black
  3. The Challenges Facing African-American relationships
  4. What Relationship Issues CAN’T be Attributed to Racism
  5. Why Sexuality is the Key
  6. How Progressive Love & Gender Harmonics Can Help – Solutions

About Carl Stevens~

Carl Stevens is a relationship expert, life coach, best-selling author, and husband of 16 years. Carl has an Engineering degree from NC State in Engineering and a MBA from Howard University. He was formally trained in yoga, breathing, meditation, and metaphysical thought for more than ten years. Carl and his wife, Kenya, used these ideals to formulate their unique-coaching style. In 2005, they co-founded JujuMama LLC. JujuMama has certified more than 150 love coaches and tantra practitioners.

The Progressive Love Movement was formulated in 2010 after coaching couples and saving marriages since JujuMama’s inception. The Stevens are able to reach individuals deeply, supporting them in creating harmonious relationships, and achieving life desires. With a flailing 55% divorce rate, the pair believes Progressive Love can save the modern relationship.

Carl Steven’s wrote book — Tame Your Woman, a sister volume to his wife’s book — Change Your Man.  Creator of The 30 Minute Orgasm, Gender Harmonics and the Three Way Mirror Process for couples – Carl and Kenya are taking the media by storm. They have both been featured in EBONY Magazine, The Mo’Nique Show, The Michael Baisden Show, Charlotte Burley for THE TURN ON, The Bill Cunningham Show, Fox News, ABC News, and more than 100 Talk Radio shows and over 175 National Radio shows, worldwide.

Contact Carl Stevens~ Email Address: rakhemseku@gmail.com Website Address: http://www.jujumamablog.com Twitter: @JujuMama

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveJujuMama

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