Healing the Masculine

images (1)In this episode of Better Love and Sex, Devi speaks with Zat Baraka and Robert Kandell.  Zat is a unique and highly sought after teacher, coach, and speaker in the men’s personal growth and spiritual growth movement. Robert is an expert in interpersonal communication and relationships; he has helped thousands of students find a more balanced, energized life with better relationships, more sex and more happiness.

Find out:

* How to live a high-performance life

* How to improve the quality of your sex life

* How to improve your relationships and parenting

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About Zat Baraka~

Zat Baraka is a unique and highly sought after teacher, coach, and speaker in the men’s personal growth and spiritual growth movement. Zat’s radical approach empowers men to live high-performance lives, improving the quality of their sex lives, relationships and parenting through cutting edge self improvement.

Working within a focused niche, he trail blazes a path for men to radically transform. He trains men to be life practitioners, supporting them to navigate the raging waters of sex, money, relationships, spirituality and life purpose with mastery. Using spiritual psychology, men’s embodiment practices, breath work, meditation, real life challenges, shadow work and many more tools, he helps his clients to radically shift their lives towards their intention. He currently teaches and presents workshops on relationships, sexuality and gender dynamics throughout North America and Asia within his Men’s Groups at festivals and conferences. 

Connect with Zat at:

Email Address: info@Zatbakara.com

Website Address: http://zatbakara.com

About Robert Kandell ~

Robert Kandell has been helping men find themselves for fourteen years. By creating a relationship of absolute approval with his clients he is able to see the parts, which are hidden in their shadows: fetishes, hurts and hidden desires. With a loving hand, he encourages men to accept these traits and utilize them as internal power. His coaching style is challenging, fraternal and highly rewarding and definitely not for the faint hearted, he has been described as “part football coach, part loving dad and part slightly crazed drill sergeant”.

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