Female Ejaculation and Squirting for Health?

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Is Female Ejaculation an essential component of a woman’s health and wellness? Devi speaks with Dr. Paul (aka Dr. Wellness) regarding his knowledge on the lymph system and female wellness, including topics such as breast health and massage, Female Ejaculate, G-Spot Massage and more!


For many years Dr. Tinari has worked as evaluator of scientific papers submitted by doctors and scientists seeking funding for their research. His professional responsibility is to separate quality from crap.  Because of his broad and lengthy experience  in the evaluation of medical research, he has become a vocal critic of doctors using questionable, unscientific or outright falsified research to justify non-medically justified, but highly profitable, surgeries such as the circumcision of healthy children.

Dr. Tinari’s Ph.D. research was in the area of capillary flows (flows of fluid through narrow channels) and the study of lymphatic flows in the body.  After many years of study he came to the conclusion that stagnant lymph is a re-curser to many physical disorders possibly  including a number of types of cancer.  He is therefore an advocate of lymph massage as an important component of overall health & wellness.

Dr. Tinari lectures widely on these and other topics connected with human wellness.

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