Loving our Cycles, Loving Ourselves

Loving our cycles, loving ourselves: how connecting with our fertility cycles supports body positivity, empowerment and pleasure

Devi speaks with Madeleine Shaw, Creator of Lunapads on how women can heal their relationship with their menstrual cycle and create an empowered body positive image.

Tune in to Devi and Madeleine while they talk about:

  • What it was like to say “bye-bye” to tampons and embrace cloth pads and cups
  • Sex and your period 
  • What becoming more connected to your cycle helps you learn about your body
  • What it really means to use re-useable menstrual products…and more!

Madeleine Shaw is a social entrepreneur known for her longstanding commitment to progressive business practices and gender equality. She is the co-founder of Lunapads.com, an ecommerce retailer of natural feminine hygiene products, and Pads4Girls, a social profit society that supports girls’ education in the developing world. Her new project, G Day, is a new global social movement anchored by day-long events that celebrate and empower girls ages 10-12 as they enter adolescence.

Madeleine ShawConnect with Madeleine!

Luna Pads: www.lunapads.com

G Day for Girls: http://gdayforgirls.com/

Twitter: @ohmadeleine

You can find Madeleine’s products at:  Lunapads.com, London Drugs, select natural products retailers and numerous other websites

Listen in on iTunes or download the MP3!

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