How To Be A Catalyst For Global Change! Empowering Women Around The World

“If you teach a boy, you educate an individual; but if you teach a girl, you educate a community.”

Devi speaks with One Mama Founder, Siobhan Neilland about her role in empowering women in third world countries and around the world.

One Mama.orgSocial entrepreneur Siobhan Neilland is dedicated to being a catalyst of positive global change. After overcoming obstacles of illness, poverty and the loss of her child, she set out on a mission for a way to help the world render trife in to peace. As the founder of OneMama, a self-sustaining medical clinic in Africa that promotes safe birthing environments, family and financial planning, as well as trade craft and agricultural education, Siobhan has empowered women to have a voice…the same way that she found hers.
n 2009, Siobhan founded ShaBoom Products – an all natural and paraben-free mineral cosmetic and skincare line for men and women – as a the long-term fundraising machine for OneMama in which a portion of proceeds from the product lines go back into the communities that it supports. Siobhan’s concept is the very core of social entrepreneurialism and a small example of the immense potential for creating a global economy using joy as its currency.

Alongside inspiring others through sharing her journey, Siobhan’s launched ShaBoom Entertainment as a secondary funnel of support to OneMama with a portion of proceeds going back in to the OneMama communities worldwide. Currently, she manages ShaBoom Entertainment talent and is a cast member of “A Band of Woman” – a reality show based on a community of women making change through supporting and donating to causes like OneMama.

Today, Siobhan continues her fight for joy as a motivational speaker focused on social entrepreneurialism, overcoming adversity, and creating social change – ultimately inspiring her audiences to believe that they each have the potential to make enormous change in the world by absorbing the OneMama motto: “We are all OneMama living on this OneMother Earth!”

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