Coming Out Of The Closet With Sex Toys

Picture-11Devi speaks with MUA box founder Lidia Bonilla about breaking the taboo around using sex toys, sexuality and the single woman, and how embracing our “pleasure products” is a key component to our sexual empowerment as women.

In this episode find out:

* What the MUA box is, and why it is a game changer in the sex toy industry

* Changing public perceptions around sex toys

* Why Good Girls actually DO

* The keys to introducing sexual enhancement products to a reluctant lover

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Headshot - Lidia BonillaLidia Bonilla is the founder of MUA, an intimate lifestyle company whose products fuse sensuality with functionality. She is the creator of the MUA box, a pleasure products organizer. MUA is the first adult brand to launch on Kickstarter, the world’s most popular crowd sourcing site and is set to be a game changer in the crowd sourcing sector. Prior to MUA, Lidia Bonilla worked with ‘naughty’ clients as a compliance and regulatory affairs expert.

Find out more about Lidia and MUA Box at:

Twitter: @muabox 


 Back MUA BOX  on Kickstarter get your product by Valentine’s Day!

MUA_021 MUA_front (1)

2 thoughts on “Coming Out Of The Closet With Sex Toys

  1. Some years back a friend of mine had a serious illness, so serious they told her she might not make it.

    She called her sister over and whispered in her ear ” Hide my toys, now!”

    Fortunately she lived to continue to enjoy those toys.

    Have a great Christmas, every note/tweet from you is a little ray of sunshine and stimulates a little latent lust.


    Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 20:18:15 +0000 To:

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