Extended Massive Orgasm!

Devi Ward TantraWho wouldn’t want one of these?!

Devi speaks with Author, Steve Bodansky about what Extended Massive Orgasm is and HOW you can have it in your life!


*What extended massive orgasm is and HOW to get some!

* How to give and receive sensual pleasure with manual stimulation

* How any woman can focus her attention on her pleasure to have the orgasms they desire, right now!

*How to “peak” and extend your pleasure for massive orgasms!

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About Steve Bodansky: ExtendedMassiveOrgasm

Steve  grew up in Manhattan and went to college at SUNY at Buffalo. He went to Medical school for 2 years in Pisa, Italy.

Then he went to SUNY at Albany for a Masters in Molecular Biology and finally a Doctorate at More University in Sensuality.

Steve and his wife Vera studied and taught at More University thru 1992. They then branched out and created their own group with some friends and former students that they first taught called The Welcomed Consensus.

Vera and Steve stayed with the W.C. for a few years and then Vera and Steve taught as a couple and started writing books.

Steve has written and had published together with his wife Vera 4 non-fiction books. Their first book titled Extended Massive Orgasm was published in 2000. It sold very well; top 100 list on Amazon for its first 4 months and the rights were sold to 6 countries. The second book called The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm also has sold quite well and has been translated in French and German. It also was on the top 100 onAmazon briefly.

The other two books are To Bed or Not to Bed and Instant Orgasm. All 4 of their books have been published by Hunter House, a small publishing firm in California.

This year, their first book was released in its second edition. If you really want to find out more about them, they wrote a memoir of their lives before, during and after Morehouse called Extended Massive Life: A True Love Story and More on Amazon kindle. Steve also published a book of love poems on kindle called The Universe of Love: Poems of Yin and Yang. This year Steve self-published his first novel also called Extended Massive Orgasm: The Novel on kindle and in print.

They have trained many people over the past 30 years with courses and personal training and continue to do so, especially the personal training sessions. A number of their former students have become sensual facilitators themselves.

Find out more at:


Their books are available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com and in some book stores. Their DVD of an Extended Massive Orgasm is only available on their website

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