Sex & Self-Growth! Crawling Into The Light With Marni Spencer Devlin

Sex and Self-growthThursday, October 17th on Better Love and Sex~ Join Devi as she speaks with Bestselling Author, Marni Spencer Devlin about the power of sexuality to connect us with our Soul.

People are in pain because they live lives that are too small for who they really are.

They are caught up in in surface level while their spirit underneath is dying.

We are more than what shows in the mirror. We are more than our body and our mind – we are Consciousness and it is in Consciousness that our destiny is written. We must make contact with what lies beneath.

There are many ways in which we can make contact with our  own Presence.

Listen is as Devi and Marni discuss the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth!

Marni DevlinAbout Marni ~ In her book, Crawling Into The Light, bestselling author and mentor,Marni Spencer-Devlin details the gripping, rollercoaster ride of her victory over unspeakable adversity – molestation, two rapes, heroin addiction, even homelessness and finally time in state prison – all before her subsequent, miraculous rise to a twenty-year career as the founder and president of a multimillion dollar marketing company, which was stopped in its tracks by a deadly diagnosis. Marni had been given only a year to live when she wroteCrawling Into The Light.

This, however, is where she gained the amazing insights that spawned her latest book, The Iceberg Principles, which present an innovative concept that illustrates who we are as human beings, why we struggle as we do, and what to do about it. The information is so paradigm-shifting that Marni found herself filled with renewed energy and vitality, and, instead of dying, discovered that her life had really just begun. Today Marni is passionately sharing the concept of The Iceberg Principles with audiences the world over.

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