Explosive Sexual Healing!

Thursday, October 10th on Better Love and Sex~ JDevi Ward Female Ejaculationoin Devi and Explosive Sexual Healing Founders, Ben and Jen Rode, as they discuss how awakening a woman’s orgasmic potential can facilitate awakening in every other area of her life!

Find Out:

* How you can use 30 minutes of Full Release Gspot orgasm to bring in your man, money and purpose.

* Learn how sexual shame and your current blocks to 30 minutes of Gspot orgasm are keeping you from having EXACTLY what you want in your life.

* Afraid of being seen or heard on some level in your life? Is there a small part of yourself that is sabotaging your success, keeping you from receiving more pleasure, love or money? It’s showing up in the bedroom.

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Explosive sexual healingBen and Jen are a married couple whose purpose in life is to assist women in empowering themselves and bring in their divine feminine. They do Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Sexological Bodywork. They do all of those things and none of those things. They have created their own modality based on thousand year old goddess ceremonies, and have found that it is the fastest, most effective way to help women bring in their man, money and purpose. They are tearing down the restrictions that have been placed on female sexuality, and are paving the way for other sexual heelers to emerge. They are here to make sexual healing mainstream. They are here to make Explosive Sexual Healing the next hypnotherapy, the next reiki the next talk therapy.

“We give women the safest space they have ever felt to allow them to be fully comfortable, fully authentic and fully feminine in their sexuality. They blow out all their blocks to success and intimacy with a 30 minute state of Full Release Gspot orgasm following coaching and energy work. This leaves women embodied, empowered and self expressed. When she learns to allow for the expansion of sexual pleasure in her body, she learns to allow herself to receive more abundance in her life as well.”

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* Clear your blocks to sex and intimacy, and they will clear your blocks to everything else! Sex is a microcosm for the rest of your life. Maximize your sex, maximize your life.

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