Sex & Sensuality 5 Week Healing Intensive with Baljit Rayat!

Devi Ward Tantra for WomenDo you know the difference between sex and sensuality?

Do you desire to know how to manage your energy to harness sensuality AND sexuality?

Join my dear friend Baljit Rayat of @Lotusdestiny in her “SEX & SENSUALITY 5-week healing intensive”starting Oct 29th to access your true potential by healing your sexual energy and embodying your sensuality.

You may remember Baljit from my Radio Show back in July. We talked about sex and POWER!

In her 5 week intensive, you will learn the difference between these two distinctive energies and how to use them both individually by combining them to access your true potential.

The hot topics that you will learn about and receive clearings on are:

  • healing sexual trauma
  • sealing sexual leaks
  • boundaries and discernment
  • receiving pleasure
  • grounding into your sensuous body
  • spirituality and sex
  • creativity and your sensual energy
  • co-creating with your sensual energy

All calls are recorded for your future listening pleasure, so you can come back again and again to the materials. 😉

Program Length

This 5-week intensive will be a high level group healing program.
Calls are Tuesdays and Thursday beginning October 29th at 5:30pm pst, and will be recorded.

You Receive

  1. 9 -1hour group healing calls with star-activation healings
  2. Live Q&A intuitive coaching!!
  3. Audio recordings of all calls

Now close your eyes after reviewing this program and notice how you feel and where you would see yourself after completing this 5-week program.

Imagine those wonderful creative sensuous gifts and talents that you hold inside of You being expressed!

You ready to move forward on your path of sexual liberation?

Find out how you can get started today!


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