Mastering The Art Of Sensual Health and Wellness!

Devi Ward Tantra Sex Education and Coaching for womenIf you are like me, you are probably doing all the right things in regards to your physical health and wellness.

You watch what you eat, do yoga, exercise, focus on positive thinking, etc. etc.

You are aware of the mind/body/spirit connection, and strive to do your best to create balance between your inner world and outer expression.

You may even feel like you have the “art” of daily balance on lock down, meaning- you have your routine, you have your schedule, you have your discipline, but there is still something missing…you want to go a little deeper…you want more!

Or, perhaps you have a need for some support with your personal “wellness” program. You are looking for methods to awaken your sense of self, and would like some guidance around how to integrate mind/body/spirit awareness in a more practical and tangible way.

I was right there with you!

Having gone from Stripper, to Monk, to Tantrika, I know that one of the biggest challenges in learning a health and wellness “practice” is understanding how to integrate the methods into your everyday life, so that you can truly experience the benefits.

And- once you have done that, how to take it to the next level when you feel stagnant, or like you have reached a plateau.

That’s exactly why I created the 90 Day Tantra Training Program for Women. 

Think of it as a “Sensual” Health and Wellness Program for creating profound connection and balance in your mind/body/spirit, by integrating your sexuality into your spiritual life path.

Having been a dancer my whole life, I totally understand that for many people, new information or “methods” are best integrated through the actual physical experience of DOING, meaning- it’s great to talk about how to dance, meditate, do yoga, be more sensually expressed- but it’s only through actually DOING all of these that we experience the benefits.

I also understand how necessary it is to have a “coach” to guide you through the process of self-discovery, preferably one who has been through the process themselves and can support you through the in’s and out’s of going from A to B.

In honor of my Birthday, and in celebration of the tremendous healing, personal growth and sensual awakening of women all over the world, I am offering a $100 discount on all of my 4 Session, 6 Session, or 90 Day Tantra Sexual Healing and Empowerment Programs for Women (and men to:) for the entire month of October, 2013

When you register for any of my personal coaching programs between now and Oct. 31st, you receive a $100 discount.

What’s even better is that fact that you have until March 31st of 2014 to begin your program! 

So if you have been searching for the “right program” for sexual healing, sensual awakening and personal realization, but you aren’t ready to start it quite yet, you can still take advantage of this offer!

Just register for your program here, and my team will contact you within 36 hours to fill you in on how to secure your placement for a later date.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly, and I will be delighted to get back to you asap!

What would happen if you gave as much attention to your sensual/sexual health and wellness as you did to all other areas of your life?

Want to find out?

Contact me for a free consultation, and explore the intersection between sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth!

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