Boosting Your Business Libido!

Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset

Thursday, Sept. 5th on Better Love and Sex Radio~ Join Devi & Allison Braun, “The Business Joyologist” as they talk about bringing the sexy back to your business, and how pleasure can be the key to accessing your creative flow and financial success!

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Allison is a former sex + intimacy coach who’s reinvented herself as a business strategist.

Which is not as kinky as it sounds.

She believes that sexual energy + creative energy are one and the same — and after building her own thriving business and coaching women from 10 countries for nearly 7 years, She’s learned that when you boost up your bedroom libido, your business libido sky-rockets, too. And vice versa.

Find out more about Allison Braun at:

Website Address:

Twitter: @allisonbraun

Facebook  @The Business Joyologist


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