Does Size Really Matter?

Size mattersThursday, August 29th on Better Love and Sex,  join Devi Ward and her guest Montique Stephon as they discuss the age old debate of- Does size matter to women, and more importantly- what part does it play in a woman’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Find out the real reason size can be important for women, and what men can do to ensure that they are always “a perfect fit”

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Montique Stephon

Montique is a Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach who is based in the Washington D.C area and has been helping people gain a higher level of self and fitness and health for over 10 years. He is the founder of Zenity  Fitness programs which can burn hundreds of calories, while building Core Strenth, Balance, and Flexibility. The secret of Zenity’s irresistible appeal is the integration of sensual rhythmic movement with deep activation of the Psoas muscle, best identified as the core of your core muscles.

Watch Stroke Skillz in Action!


Find out more about Montique at:

Montique Stephon~Zenity Fitness

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