Female Ejaculate~Nectar Of The Gods!

Vancouver Tantra with Jacques DrouinFemale ejaculate is called “amrita”, which means “nectar of bliss”.

If a woman is basically healthy and emotionaly balanced it is a healing elixir for men, (it actually is an elixir of longevity for men, so in such a case a man who is gifted with this by a woman should drink with gratitude and joy.)

If she is physically not healthy or has extreme emotions, it is still female ejaculate, but not amrita, or medicine.

The chemistries will be ejaculate mixed with emotional poison and is best not ingested as the man will be mixing poison with medicine, so choose wisely.

Male semen is not a longevity elixir for women.

It is good, like a super vitamin, providing the man hasn’t ejaculated for a while (3 to 6 weeks) and has good chi, otherwise, sorry ladies, basically weak goo.

The longevity thru sexuality for women with men comes from being penetrated for significant periods each session, a minimum of 90 minutes! (The average time of penetration is 2 to 7 minutes to ejaculation).

This does not mean 90 minutes without break, but perhaps 2 or 3 penetrations, although a good male tantrika can easily do 60 to 90 minutes without break.

Also during such penetration the male must orgasm without ejaculation so that he shares, or circulates, his chi with her.

In this case her body is enlivened, and she produces special chemistries, heals, and she lives longer, better, happier.

The woman must also choose a partner wisely for such practise, same conditions apply, basically healthy physically and emotionally.

Tantric Sex is a longevity practice, it quite literally is a fountain of youth, and what a way to get healthy!

Learn more about Female Ejaculate and Lasting Longer for Men.

5 thoughts on “Female Ejaculate~Nectar Of The Gods!

  1. Love my own amrita. And I know that men can and do produce the same “female ejaculate Amrita.” Please offer more info about their similar prostate fluid as well…!!! Thx.

  2. Mamie,
    a very good question! In my understanding there is a great difference in female ejaculate, or amrita, and male ejaculate. Men do drip, which is mostly lube, but in a healthy male it includes some essences which when encountered by the female in her Yoni tends to increase her arousal in response. In an advanced Tantric male practitioner who has entered the stage of physiological transformation there are added essences which quite happily give women a significant thrill!

    That being said, even if males did produce a longevity essence in the prostate fluid the only way to access it is by him ejaculating, in doing so his chi is generally lost, which is critical in longevity. When he loses his chi so does his fluid, it has no power beyond a few minutes, whereas the woman’s amrita holds its energy for up to 5 days.

    In understanding this “longevity through sexuality” process you must look beyond the mere physical substances into the esoteric essences which are more subtle, including profound emotional essences generated in response by the woman. In my article I stated that for the woman it requires extended times of penetration (60 to 90 minutes) by a male who retains his semen and orgasms without ejaculating. This allows time for the male to generate a tremendous amount of chi which is transmitted into the woman at the time he orgasms, while retaining his semen.

    Some of the esoteric factors are thus: woman is yin, her vagina is called “Yoni”, it means sacred space. Space here refers to Voidness. In Tantric texts voidness is referred to as “the pregnant void, the great Mother”, that from and in which all things appear and disappear. Another term is Emptiness. In the Five Elements space is emptiness, and water is form. Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. In other words, the water of life manifests from pure space itself, the “Yoniverse”!

    The male is yang, his penis is called a “Vajra”; thunderbolt of wisdom. It is also called a “Lingam”, which means wand of light. The vajra is like a thunderbolt of energy in the open clear sky of the Yoni, fire in space! With a male who can orgasm without ejaculating something marvelous happens in the woman’s yoni, his vajra begins to secrete essences only present under such conditions which trigger changes in the woman. These essences come out of the vajra, the whole vajra! The sides, base, tip, and some oozes out the opening. When she is penetrated for this long with these essences in her yoni, it causes the longevity process to arise in her, like the male with her amrita. She also becomes very healthy and energized, and sexually satisfied!

    Semen is good food, don’t get me wrong, but to use it for longevity is a dangerous game. In order to actually have it give a woman longevity and power she basically would have to ingest large amounts daily. There is historical precedence, in China and India there were women referred to as “Dragon Ladies”. One Empress of China stayed in a huge cave with a garrison of soldiers who basically fed her all their semen, she took so much some men died. She did live a very long time. The problem is that one becomes a sex vampire and the darkness of mind is terrible and the ability to love is lost, not to mention the karmic result.

    May this clarify a bit for you. The only way to know if this is true is to do it. My personal experience over 30 years bears it out for me. Find yourself a man who can do this, we train them here, most of our students can do this, it is easy once one knows how. A word for the ladies, you must train to be able to receive a man like this. Many women think they can just jump in and have 1 1/2 hours of penetration. Some can, many are unable without training and do not realize how intense an experience it is and that it will take you places you never imagined!

    Peace and Love, Jacques Drouin

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