Creating A Lifetime Pleasure Practice

Devi Ward Pleasure ProgramWell we made it through the 21 Day “Shake Your Soul-Song” Pleasure Program.

This was the first time that I have done something like this (and shared it with other people), so the experience was a bit of an experiment, to see how effectively the methods work to produce transformation in mind, body, spirit, and increase pleasure in all areas of life.

(I would LOVE to hear some of your experiences if you would like to share, even include them in my book.)

Now how do we carry the benefits of this program forward into our lives?

Well, based on my own experiences, and some that were shared with me, I have redesigned the “21 Day Pleasure Program” to become a Pleasure Practice for Life.

What I noticed during the 21 days, time and time again, is the fact that these methods; (The 4 Principles of Self-Pleasure) movement, meditation, self-connection & self-pleasure, are powerful medicine.

The methods work deeply (some even on a cellular level), to remove emotional-psychological imprints, obstacles, blocks, and clarify our minds and bodies to receive the pleasure & beauty that is already present in our lives. They work to “empty our vessels” so that we can hold even more pleasure & more  joy, until we are overflowing into not just our own lives, but the lives of all whom we encounter.

(I have really noticed on this trip to Sedona how people react to us with smiles and enthusiasm, and mention how happy and friendly we are. I personally, am enjoying myself so much, I can’t help but radiate that enjoyment back out into life.)

I also noticed that because these methods are medicine, there were some days that my body did not want them, and that to engage the method would be the opposite of pleasure.

I clearly saw that if I kept my focus on what would most meet my needs for pleasure in any given moment, I was easily guided to “right action”.

What I personally found for my Pleasure Practice was that:

1) 4 days a week of Sacred Erotic Dance really met my needs for consistency, practice, fitness, fun, health, and growth.

I personally noticed my hips opening even more, and all kinds of interesting lower body symptoms as emotional & physical toxins purified from my pelvic & genital region.

2) I enjoyed doing the meditation almost every day.

I noticed a distinct increase in clarity of mind and focus (I wrote a 24 chapter book in 3 weeks!), and I have more and more awareness of the simple sensory pleasures in life.

3) There were times when doing the pleasure journal, I really just wanted to write about what met my needs for pleasure that day, and in my life in general, and express gratitude for the many blessings in my life. I didn’t always want to follow the “format”, sometimes I wanted to just be present and flow with what wanted to be voiced from inside me. I actually found it a much fuller experience if I allowed that expression, instead of forcing myself to remain “on task”

4) My orgasms continue to grow and change, and I am really looking forward to having more personal time and space to explore those more deeply.

I also heard from other women that they  felt like doing the program everyday was  “too much”, and so they found their own way to a balance of practice that worked for them.

And so, the newly revised framework for your Lifetime Pleasure Practice that has resulted from this little experiment of ours is as follows;

Lifetime Pleasure Practice using the 4 Principles of Self-Pleasure~Movement, Meditation, Self-Connection, Self-Stimulation/Self-Pleasure

Movement~ Practicing The 5 Core Pelvic Movements generally no less than 3 times a week, no more than 5. Also, if you have the DVD, once you are familiar with the movement, please turn off the sound and put on your own music to dance! The right music makes the body yearn to move and dance, so please be creative.

Also, even though you may get bored with the 5 core pelvic movements after doing it over & over again, I encourage you to continue doing them, and just add & explore your own sensual creativity. The 5 Core Pelvic Movements are your foundation, kind of like your Barre exercises in ballet. Once you have a solid foundation you can add and build upon it to your hearts content. AND, I have been doing the movements since 2005, and I still find areas in my pelvic that are tight, obstructed, and could be freer.

Meditation~ I found it more rewarding to do the mediation after the movement, as my juices were already flowing and I was super alert (and sweaty!)

I suggest a minimum of 3 days, max 7 days. Depends on your inclination & propensity. As with all things in life, but mediation especially, the results are cumulative, meaning each session of practice builds upon the last. What’s most important in my opinion in keeping consistency with your practice.

Self-Connection~ Should always feel like liquid gold in your soul in my opinion. If the frame work of the Pleasure Journal questions didn’t work for you, create one that does. I found that if I missed more than a day of my pleasure journal entry, I felt sad, and as if I was missing out on capturing the magic of each passing day. Since we will never reclaim the days that have passed, I enjoy taking the time to honor each day as unique and precious. I suggest again, minimum 3 days, and as much as everyday.

Self-Stimulation/Self-Pleasure~ Here there is a fine line, because if it feels like a chore, then it kinda defeats the purpose. At the same time, I feel it is of the utmost importance to be cultivating our sexual-selves in this way on an ongoing basis.

For some this is not a problem, for others, it can be difficult to find the time to “fit it in”.

I personally like to make it a more sensual event for myself by taking a nice, long, hot, good smelling, music enhanced bath. Then I am all warm and relaxed. Then I have set a very sensuous internal atmosphere for my self-pleasuring.

I also don’t usually time it. I just know that tonight I am going to spend some time meeting my needs for sensuality in this way, and I just flow with my pleasure and see what feels right. Sometimes I am curious, and want to explore different areas of orgasm, or explore more with ejaculation.

I think playful curiosity is probably the most important attitude to have when it comes to our sexual growth and exploration.

The frequency~ as many as 3 times per week, as few as once every 10 days.

And I suggest making a date. Call it your sexual yoga date with yourself.

The Yoga of Pleasure.


If you participated in the 21 Day Pleasure Program and would be willing to share your experiences in the book “Shake Your Soul Song”, please email me at

If you would like to learn more about the 4 Principles of Self-Pleasure and create your own Pleasure Program, please visit me at and schedule a Soul-Song Coaching Session.

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