Just Call Me Shameless

Devi Ward Tantra Vancouver, Seattle North AmericaRecently I had a video banned by Youtube for being “too explicit”. Sexually that is.

It’s a trailer clip for our online Authentic Tantra Education, which features live Yoni-G-spot massage demonstrations, featuring yours truly as the “Demo Model”.

I also go through a full sexual healing experience, which we were thrilled to capture on film, as unstaged, authentic sexual connection is rare and beautiful to behold.

As a result of all my out there, in your face sexual demonstration, many people have referred to me as “brave” “courageous” “bold” & ” brazen”.

I simply call myself shameless.

Shame, especially sexual shame is something that we are taught.

We are not born experiencing shame about our bodies, our genitals, our self-expression.

It is an emotional experience that we are socialized to accept as a normal part of our human experience .

“You should be ashamed of yourself” meaning-“You have done something that someone else has judged as inappropriate, therefore you should feel guilty and shameful about your choices.”

Now granted, there are actions in life that are “inappropriate” such as causing harm to another human being or life-form.

But in the realm of our sexuality, we are conditioned to believe that our  genitals themselves are shameful, touching ourselves is shameful, sexual expression at all is shameful.

And the tactics for inducing this sense of shame are not overt, which is what makes them so insidious and difficult to recognize.

They are simply part of our socialization, as I said.

Example- young boy or girl(3-4yrs) laying on the couch naked, happily fondling their genitals, blissful… shameless.

Parent/adult walks in the room “Stop that right now. Don’t do that!”

That child has just been emotionally informed that there is something VERY wrong with touching themselves and feeling that type of pleasure. They are scared, confused, and feel what?….Shame.

That sort of shame, genital shame, sexual shame is then reinforced for the rest of our lives in this culture, that is so sexually wounded.

Our role models for healthy, embodied sexual expression are none. We have none.

And as humans we NEED role models. We need a living, visual representation of where we want to go, how we want to be, and what we hope to achieve.

It’s part of our blueprint.

So, all of that emotional/sexual guilt, shame, fear, repression gets stored in our subconscious mind, imprinted in the cellular tissue of our bodies, and functions below our conscious thought patterns to influence our sexual behavior and enjoyment for the rest of our lives.

Until you begin to change that. Until you begin to actively examine & explore your boundaries.

Until you begin to question your “program”, travel a little outside of your comfort zone, and run into those internal barriers that had been placed there by people as wounded as yourself, before you became so wounded.

Our culture perpetuates sexual dis-function by having sexually dis-functional people teaching our children about sex, and sexually dis-functional people teaching US about sex!

If a woman has never had more than a clitoral orgasm, should she really be teaching other women about their sexual potential?

If a man ejaculates in 2-7 minutes of penetration, should he be telling other men about how to have great sex?

The reason I am shameless is because I have explored my sexual boundaries, and I continue to do so.

I have experienced The 8 Different Orgasms for Women.

I have screamed during sex, cried during sex, farted, laughed, & squirted across the room.

I have even peed.

I have spread my legs and my wings, and flown in the sky of orgasmic bliss for hours on end, so I know what is possible and I am excited to discover even more.

The end result of all of this sexual freedom, joy, bliss & exploration?

An utter and complete lack of sexual guilt & shame.

Courage is what it took to go there in the first place.

Now, just call me shameless.

To learn more. please visit me at Authentic Tantra.com, where you too can learn the methods that I used to free my mind, body & heart from the tyranny of false virtue!

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