Multiple Orgasms For Women:What You Should Know & Why!

Multiple Orgasms for womenThere’s a lot of talk these days about Female Orgasms– The 11 different kinds vs. none, Is it easy, is it hard, should we focus on it, or not put so much pressure on ourselves for the “end goal” of climax.

I get a bit of flack for openly encouraging women to explore their multi-orgasmic potential, and discover the more than 11 different kinds of orgasm our bodies are capable of.

Some people say that this “goal oriented” approach to sexuality causes women to feel inadequate when they aren’t able to achieve those results, and sets them up for failure, disappointment, & a lifetime of sexual dissatisfaction.

Well that’s one point of view.

Here’s mine-
Imagine that you have in your hands the most technologically advanced computer on the planet, capable of mathematically calibrating dimensional portals into other realms of existence.

With the potential to open the entire human race to universal awareness & connection with higher states of consciousness.

And imagine that you had no idea that your computer was capable of such a thing.

You thought it was just an ordinary mac or pc, and just like everybody else, had been operating it as such.

Operating at maybe 10% of it’s actual potential.

Now imagine that you encountered someone who had used this particular computer before, and knew it’s true capabilities. This person could see that you had no idea the potential of what you held in your hands.

This person had also mistaken this technologically advanced vehicle for a mere laptop, at one time, but had learned it’s true abilities, and discovered how to maximize it’s potential.

And what if this person said to you- “Hey, do you know what you have in your hands?! Oh my god! You can transform life as you know it with that device. That machine is the key to the kingdom of heaven, not just for yourself, but for all of humankind!

All you need to do to access it’s full potential is:

a) Understand what it’s capable of

b) Understand why it hasn’t been operating at it’s optimum level

c) Slowly and carefully tune it up, recalibrate it.

Add an app here, do a virus scan there, work out the kinks and you’ll be flying high!

Wouldn’t you want to know that? Wouldn’t you want to know if your operating system was running on only 10% of it’s full potential?

Wouldn’t you want to find out WHY that was happening and change it if you could, so that you were running at 100% of your capacity, or at least moving in that direction?

I say all of this because I was one of those non-orgasmic, inadequate feeling, sexually repressed, “average” women.

Then I began practicing Authentic Tantra™, and my life changed, my universe changed, my reality changed, because I began to heal.

From the inside out, I began to heal, reveal & access my true potential as a human being.

I talk about the 11 different orgasms for women, because I personally experience them.

I went from 1 standard clitoral orgasm during self-stimulation, NO orgasms with my partners, painful penetration, and a complete inability to communicate about my sexuality.

To now being a multi-orgasmic woman, fully and lovingly expressive about my sexuality, and emotionally, spiritually  & mentally free in ways I never even knew existed.

Have I realized my ultimate potential? Nope, not even close, and that is what is so exciting!

I have amazing tools, and I use them, and I continue to grow & expand beyond my current personal & sexual boundaries.

I continue to awaken to even more of my personal orgasmic potential as a woman, and I celebrate this loudly because I believe that every woman has a right to know what her true sexual potential is, and have ways to access and explore that potential everyday.

I believe that it is our birthright as women to understand the full pleasure potential of our bodies and have healthy role models who have begun to realize and embody this.

Now as a woman, I ask you, does that make you feel inadequate?

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