Hey Ladies… Here’s The Secret to Multiple Orgasms!

So the question is, if we are not currently orgasmic, or multi-orgasmic, how do we become so?

It helps to understand why we are NOT, so that we can address the core issue.

Women hold emotional/sexual stress or trauma in the vagina, most specifically the G-spot.

So any negative or painful sexual experience that we have had as adults or children, is stored as an emotional imprint in our sexual organs.

This emotional imprint deadens, or numbs the sensation in our sexual organs, so that we are unable to feel our full “pleasure potential”.

The medicine for this, so to speak, can be found in the application of Tantric methods such as, Vulva & G-spot massage, Tantric breathing methods, and healing visualizations.

I began this Tantric path  nearly 4 years ago, NON-orgasmic, intercourse was painful, and I did not believe in this mysterious G-spot.

I now can have as many as 10-30 orgasms in a session, I ejaculate regularly, and I have experienced at least 5 of the 8 types of orgasms that women are capable of.

It truly, truly, is a simple as learning WHAT to do, HOW to do, WHY you do it, and then DOING IT!

4 thoughts on “Hey Ladies… Here’s The Secret to Multiple Orgasms!

  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! I truly believe this is the secret to the pain and suffering of alot of women and I also now think that pain is held in the consciousness of women and passed down through genetic imprinting from mother to daughter. What do you think of this theory?

    • I definitely believe that pain is passed from generation to generation. Whether that is a case of nature or nurture (or both) is hard to distinguish. Definitely our cultural conditioning around sexuality is passed from generation to generation, and it is my belief that this cultural conditioning, and social sexual repression is the MAIN cause of psycho/sexual trauma that we continue to experience today.

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