The Fruition of My Sexual Passion

Before I learned the style of Tantra that I now teach, I had plenty of passion, but no method.

As a result, the full expression of my sexual passion was unrealized, as I had no skills or methods for bringing that natural, but latent talent to fruition.

After many years of developing the Tantric sexual methods that we teach, my sexual experience is comparable to that of a well trained dancer.

A brilliant dancer who burns with passion, and transcends ordinary existence through the articulate and moving expression of her soul. One who has developed a degree of perfection in the execution of each movement, through a lifetime of diligence, practice, and focus.

By achieving a degree of accomplishment in Tantric sexual methods, a pure and brilliant vessel has been forged, into which I may now pour the full passion of my heart, and be realized in the hot, molten blaze of sexual transcendence.

Thus an artist is realized through the development, study, and application of her art.

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