Sex – Quality not Quantity

In regards to sexual activity, I personally, am more in favor of quality of experience rather than quantity. I very much enjoy making delicious juicy love with my partner for several hours, once or twice a week. Imagine a situation in which your partner lovingly coaxes orgasm after orgasm from your body, has his own multiple orgasms, and retains his semen, so that he is enriched and revitalized from your lovemaking, rather than physically depleted and emotionally absent. Much prefer that, than the conventionally accepted and (in some cases much endorsed) approach to sexuality, of frequent sexual encounters which consists of 2-10 minutes of penetration before he ejaculates and it’s over. A situation that repeats itself day after day, over and over again. A life circumstanceĀ  in which I am minimally to partially satisfied as a woman (at best!), and he is emotionally and physically exhausted and depleted as a result of his chronic lack of ejaculatory control.
That’s like eating dog food every day, when you have access to an organic garden full of produce that is delicious, nutritious, and bursting with life. All you have to do is get the right tools, and spend a little time and energy cultivating it.

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