Practicing the Art of Tantric Healing Movement

The word “Tantra” generally refers to a series of sexual practices or yoga’s that have the effect of enhancing and sustaining sexual bliss for the purpose of spiritual realization.
Literally Tantra means, “to weave”- light and sound with form. The literal definition refers to meditative practices, which use visualization (light), mantra (sound), and the body of the practitioner (form), to achieve states of mental and emotional clarity, or enlightenment.
Tantric Movement classes are designed to incorporate both the literal and general meanings of the word Tantra. In the general sense we will be practicing specific yoga’s, (movements) that are designed to enhance sexuality by cultivating strength and tone of the entire body, most specifically the muscles associated with and around the pelvis. Strong pelvic and pc muscles are essential for enhanced sexual pleasure, as they support greater orgasmic ability, intensity, and control, for both men and women. Further adding to the benefit of these physical exercises is the use of the Jade Ben Wa Balls for women.
Ben Wa Balls greatly enhance the efficacy of Kegal type exercises, by giving the body an object to “grip” and tense around. According to Taoist practices, the energetic quality of Jade is yang, and by placing it in the most yin area of a woman’s body, helps to create a harmonious overall balance. Doing Jade Ben Wa Ball exercises is especially recommend for women who have given birth, or who have vaginal pain or dryness, as the energetic quality of the Jade acts to soothe, heal and strengthen.

In addition to these physical practices we will incorporate the Secret Tibetan Five Element Teachings. The Tibetan Five Element teachings are a form of chakra yoga, based on the elements of fire, earth, water, air and space. These are the very elements, which make up our human form and everything in our environment. Each of the five elements has a specific color, shape and sound, to which we will add the yoga of movement. Each element corresponds to a particular quality of movement, and the intention of these classes is to explore those variations in depth. Using these sounds and visualizations also has the result of activating, enriching, and healing all the energy centers of the body.

Tantric Movement classes combine these Esoteric Teachings with the other element of pure fun! Joy and pleasure are the inspiration that open the body to greater range of motion, greater flexibility, greater endurance, and greater health. All movement exercises in these classes are designed to be an exploration and a celebration of your Self, while deepening the connection between body, heart, and mind.

For more information regarding Tantric Movement classes please visit Devi Ward at Sex Passion Vancouver!

Tantric Movement

Cultivating Sensual Essence through healing movement and dance

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