5 Surprising Health Benefits of Semen Retention!

Tantra for Men Jacques DrouinThere is  quite a lot of controversy these days regarding the benefits of frequent ejaculation vs. semen retention.

A recent study suggests that frequent ejaculation may prevent men from developing prostate cancer, though there does seem to be some question regarding the validity of the results, as men in their forties and fifties were asked to recall ejaculation frequency during their twenties. Some researchers doubt the accuracy of the mens’ reports, given the significant length of time that had passed between their actual sexual activity, and the questionnaire.

The study also fails to take into account major contributing health factors such as diet, exercises, weight, alcohol & drug habits. Keep in mind as well, that this is the same western medical society that does not acknowledge the existence of the female g-spot. (Having myself supported many women in the successful reawakening of their g-spot, I tend to take sexual “studies” by western medicine with a grain of salt.)

Sadly, there are very few articles written about the concrete, tangible, mental, emotional, and physiological benefits of semen retention on a man’s health. I know many men who practice the art of semen retention, and rave about the benefits, and one student went so far as to write a personal testimonial about the beneficial effects of semen retention.

Due to my profession, I regularly witness the radically positive and life transformative effects that semen retention has on men, and their partners. Below are 5 concrete, tangible, mental, emotional, and physiological benefits of regular semen retention for men, that are personally & scientifically verifiable. *Links to the sources are provided within the content.

#1) Sexual Stamina- Lasting longer is a topic that is near and dear to the heart of many men. The first aspect of semen retention for men, is simply learning to control involuntary ejaculation. By using Authentic Tantric semen retention methods, men can learn to manage their sexual response, and condition their bodies so that sexual stimulation can last for as long as they choose.

This contributes to the mental and emotional health of a man by giving him a sense of personal empowerment in regards to his sexuality, and a deeper sense of self-confidence, knowing that he can sexually satisfy his partner.

#2) The Multi-Orgasmic Man- Men are capable of being just as multi-orgasmic as any woman, but not if they ejaculate! As we all know, men generally roll over and fall asleep after their first ejaculation, with a few rare men being able to rally for a second or third round. But with the correct application of semen retention methods, men can have full, whole -body, multiple orgasms, with each one rolling continuously into the next. (Keep in mind that orgasm & ejaculation are actually 2 separate functions of the nervous system.) Some of these orgasms can last for several minutes (We recently filmed Authentic Tantra™ Educator, Jacques Drouin having a 2:33 minute orgasm!)

#3) Increased Sex Drive- A fairly recent study from China shows that Semen Retention Increases Testosterone Levels by 45.7% after 7 days! Wow! Testosterone is intricately linked to sex drive & sexual response in men. According to Daniel Reid, Author of “The Tao of Health Sex & Longevity” -‘ Semen essence is the fuel that drives male sexuality. It is the source not only of physical capacity for sex, but also of sexual interest and emotional affection for the opposite gender.’

Thus – ‘A man who maintains consistently high levels of testosterone, sperm, semen, and other male essences by practicing ejaculatory control will experience an overwhelming enhancement in his love and affection for his woman. He will also gain the capacity to act upon that loving urge over and over again.’ Good news for your partner!

#4) Physical Vitality- It is a well known fact that high performance athletes are discouraged from sexual activity the night or morning before a big game. This is due to the noticeable sensation of physical depletion that usually follows an ejaculatory orgasm. This may be due to the high concentration of vital essences found in semen. 

An ounce of semen is considered to be equal in value to sixty ounces of blood, of which it constitutes an extract of some of its most valuable of constituents.” In Tibetan medicine, it is said that “seven drops of the vital essence of food are required to produce one drop of the vital essence of blood. And it takes one cup of the vital essence of blood to produce one drop of the vital essence of semen.” By this measure, semen is literally more precious than blood!

*With this being the case, I find it interesting that men & women are only able to donate blood once every 6 weeks, yet it is considered normal and “healthy” in western medicine & sexology for a man to ejaculate as often as every day!

Some men have also remarked upon noticeable differences in relationship to weight lifting and body building due to the practice of semen retention. One man remarks “I’m trying to understand how I gained 30lb’s muscle “only” after I stopped ejaculating during sex and relished in the orgasm alone? Yes, It makes the sex last longer (hours) – – but the real benefit besides satisfying the women is enhanced physique, body, and mental agility.”

#5) Mental Clarity- Dr. Raymond W. Bernard MD recently stated in the article ‘Science Discovers the Physiological Value of Continence’“Semen contains substances of high physiological value, especially in relation to the nutrition of the brain and nervous system.”

This same article states “There is a remarkable similarity of chemical composition between the semen and the central nervous system, both being especially rich in lecithin, cholesterin and phosphorus compounds, which would indicate that seminal emissions withdraw from the body substances necessary for the nutrition of nervous tissues.”

Ancient Taoists have proclaimed the benefits of semen retention for male health & longevity for centuries. Taoist Sexual Master Mantak Chia has stated that when men retain their semen during sexual activity, their brain energy increases 2x’s!

All of this being said, it is important for men to ejaculate sometimes. Obviously if you are attempting to conceive a child, there will be some periods when it is necessary to ejaculate with a degree of frequency. But even at those times, it is recommended by experts to refrain from frequent ejaculation between lovemaking sessions.

Natural Health Consultant, Jacques Drouin, and Founder of Authentic Tantra™, recommends an ejaculation frequency of once every 6 weeks for his male students, over the age of 35. He says that “initially it takes a good 6 weeks for the body to begin to regenerate after a lifetime of chronic, unregulated ejaculation, and for male power to really begin to build.”

Learn HOW to orgasm without ejaculating and become sexually empowered! Visit us at Authentic Tantra.com

44 thoughts on “5 Surprising Health Benefits of Semen Retention!

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  6. Nice article. There is a website reuniting.info that is devoted the practice of Karezza, which is sex without orgasm. It is very interesting and helpful for anyone wanting a more fulfilling sex life.

    • Hello Don, Thanks for your comment. I am familiar with Kareeza, and have used that as well. According to our lineage based Tantric instructions, every orgasm is a taste of enlightenment, so avoiding orgasm is not a goal for us in any way shape or form. Learning to rest within the bliss of orgasm for extended periods of time IS. I find karezza like methods useful at different periods during sexual play. Please keep in mind that an Authentic Tantric lovemaking session lasts for anywhere from 1.5 -3 jours or more, so there are a variety of different energetic plateaus that are reached during that period of time. Slow, sensual, hot, crazy, buck wild, and back to slow. It’s all included. Tantra is a path of embracing our humanity in it’s entirety. Nothing is rejected. All is embraced and transformed. Cheers!

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  8. Great article bro..:

    I want to ask…does semen retention mean that we dont masturbate or does it mean we can ejaculate say twice a week bt retain semen thu tantric exercises n other methods..

    Also iam 21 yr old guy..i hav seen benefits from abstaining from masturbation for 7-17 days..bt more than that. . Even my firends whu did it said it was downhill…

    n how die the man gain 30 lbs muscle from orgasm n nt ejacualtion..didnt get that..how can u have orgasm without ejacualting even a small bit? ?

    • According to Taoist practices, ejaculation frequency depends upon age and health. It’s said it takes a man under the age of 35 3 days to recover from one ejac, and over 35, 7 days to recover. The 7 days is validated by the study in China I mention in the article. The problem is not masturbation, or even orgasm, The problem is frequent ejaculation. Orgasm and ejac. are 2 DIFFERENT things. Semen retention is about learning to separate one from the other. Hope that helps!

      • Nice article! How is ejaculation and orgasm different? When I am about to orgasm, I can no longer control my ejaculation. It just happens! Any advice?

      • You know when you take a pee and you can make it stop? you can do the same when you cum but its a harder.. you need to strengthen those muscles and learn where your point of no return is. Once you do it just one time you can do it again and again and it gets easier.

  9. I have retained eyaculating for more than 8 months, and now i am aiming for more than a year. I know it sounds crazy, but i can actually feel how it gets better the more you do retain ejaculation. I dont believe on the negatives they say, because there are no real arguments. Physically and mentally every month i can really see the diference, and it keeps getting better and better. No bs, i weight lift a lot, in fact way too much. 3 hours a day, really heavy and really intense, every day. I have been doing it for 8 years now, non stop. I started injaculating about 5 years now, and before , in the first 3 years, i used to get injured all the time, i was abou 18-21. Now, i am 27, i hot injured about a month ago, pectoral tear, and now i am ok. It took me one month to recover. I havent ejaculate for almost a year. I had for 3 years been taking a pill, for high blood preasure, because i was stupid enough to lift really heavy weights without cardio, and bad eating habbits. I am not lying, it is almost 8 months i stop with the pill, obviously i take care of my health, and i am running, but now i am lifting way more. I know i changed a lot of things in this 8 year process to become who i am, i read, studied and tried a lo of shit, thanl god never did drugs or roids. I know i have to credit all that to my good health, but i have to say i give most of my credit to injaculating. Because the drive, the energy, the non depressing state, the strength, the concentration, the wolverin like regeneration from injuries, all that came from this practice.
    This is just one question:
    There is no way i will believe this 6 weeks stuff, i have been doing it for soo long, and examined and tested how it was after X period of times, 1-6 weeks 1-6months, i have done it all, and frankly, now that i am going for the year, or probably i am past that, i just stopped counting, but every week that goes bye, it just keeps getting better and better. I havent been sick for a long long time, even before, but now i am even near sick people and i don get shit. My question is, is there any studies on someone who has retained as long, or just some bull shit illuminati antihealth info, with no background. This is something that should get studied more.

    • Hello Jaun and thank-you for sharing.

      In answer to your question- as far as I know there have been no concrete recent studies on the health benefits of extended non-ejaculation, other than the links I included in this article. I personally believe this is partly because most men are just plain attached to ejaculatory orgasms, and don’t have the discipline to go for extended periods without. As you are finding, the results of non-ejaculation speak for themselves, and Taoist masters would agree with you that there is rarely ever a reason to ejaculate, outside of impregnating a woman. Jacques recommends 6 weeks for beginners.For more advanced students he encourages them to “listen to their body” which it sounds like you are doing wonderfully well.

      The science that says that ejaculating is good for men is faulty on many levels, and as I said, is largely due to the attachement that mainstream society has to male ejaculation.

      Kudos to you for your diligence and discipline!

    • Wow, that’s a long time! As Devi said — Kudos!

      I just have a question though. You mentioned that you do “injaculating”. I have heard many times how bad that is, because it “blocks the tubes”, and also how it cancels out the benefits of seminal retention because the semen only ends up in the bladder to be excreted later.

      So I’m a little confused. What is your opinion/experience on this? Is that just yet another false Western “belief”, or would you agree, and say outright abstinence from ejaculating (i.e. not even masturbating to injaculation) is actually best?

      Any reply from anyone would be appreciated!

      Is injaculation safe/beneficial, or not? If not, what should be done?


      • Hello Will-

        Just to be clear- there is a difference between non-ejaculatory orgasms and injaculation the way it is described in western sexology.
        With non-ejaculatory orgasms the semen does NOT just go back up into the bladder, it is actually held in the seminal tubes and testes, and reabsorbed back into the blood stream to nourish the brain and vital organs. The semen usually goes back up into the bladder if the man has done his semen retention “hold” a little too late in the game. This will happen sometimes, though as a man gains proficiency, it will happen less and less.

        As far as cleaning put the tubes- Ejaculatory orgasms are one of the 6 types of orgasm that men can experience, so it is not contraindicated entirely. Even the Taoist masters will ejaculate on occasion. What I think is important is 1) retraining your body to seperate orgasm from ejaculation, 2) rebuilding your sexual and physical “chi” and 3) learning to really attune and listen to your body in regards to ejaculation frequency. That will change as you age, etc.

        Thanks for you comments!

  10. interesting…
    i feel the benefits of ejaculating as much as desired, outweigh the benefits of retaining…
    better sleep, less stress/tension, better mood, more energy, stronger libido, relaxation, etc.
    from what i hear, only sexually-inactive, odd-balls claim they feel better by retaining…

    • Have you ever retained for long periods of time, and had frequent non-ejaculatory orgasms? If you haven’t actually had the experience I am describing, you don’t actually have any room to comment. The men I know who retain their semen have sex for hours at a time (if they so choose) and report better health, boosted immune system, increased libido, no refractory period after orgasm, (so they are MULTI-orgasmic,) better focus, mental clarity, more internal energy. etc. etc. There are actual scientific studies that showed when men were sexually stimulated and retained their semen, testosterone levels were boosted (sex drive), their immune systems were boosted, and they were generally happier and more energetic.

      It’s obvious by your comment that you have never a) Had a non-ejaculatory orgasm, and b) have never actually retained your semen, while orgasming, for any period of time which would qualify you to have an opinion, much less comment.

      I recommend you actually practice the technique for 6 weeks, learn to orgasm by CHOICE and control your ejaculation, experience non-ejaculatory orgasms on a regular basis- and then your opinion will have some validity.

    • One has to wonder why you’re reading this article then!

      I’m 25, tall, dark and handsome. I’m pretty sure (through experience) I could sleep with anyone I want to. I’m fairly good at it too! Yet I prefer to be celibate and abstinent from sex and ejaculating because for me it makes every day wonderful. Every opportunity is met with the enthusiasm of a child and sense of courage and strength. Life is vibrant!

      If you’ve tried the benefits of not ejaculating for long periods of time and feel you didn’t receive anything for your efforts, fair play to you. I agree with the majority on this one though. Without a doubt in my mind.

  11. Devi, would you please post where to find the actual “journal” research on the increased testosterone due to non-ejaculation…I see you and others referring to the study yet I cannot find its actual location…
    Thank you!

  12. hi, I have been practicing semin retention for over a year now and I have not found to much information on the subject.. I have gone as long as 4 month without ejaculating period. I find that its very difficult to engage in sex without ejaculating. I have done it but I have not Been able to orgasm without emitting seminal fluids and I was wondering if there are any good books on tantra sex that can explain solo tantric sex or if that is a good or bad practice?. I have noticed a very high level of energy after a month of no emissions. is masturbation healthy at all or is a partner required to get the best results for semen retention?

  13. Hi Devi. your articles are fantastic!!!. I introduced myself to tantra some months back.
    And after lots of deer exercises, I am able to experience orgasm without ejaculation.
    just when the orgasm starts(the tingling sensation), I squeeze my PC muscles tighlty, so that the orgasm goes on but without ejaculation. Along with the orgasm, i feel strong sensation sometimes in the genitals and sometimes in the middle of forehead(agya chakra). Devi. hope I am on the right path and this method is correct. But theres one confusion. is the semen getting absorbed by the body , or is it going in the bladder and coming out by urination.because if later is happening, there is no point in avoiding ejaculation. How to be sure about this?

    • Hello Sunny,

      Pc muscle squeezes are one form of semen retention. There are others as well. In regards to the semen being reabsorbed into your body, from everything that I understand, Yes, the semen gets reabsorbed back into the body. Depending upon WHEN you use your semen retention method, a little bit may be urinated out, but not because it goes back into the bladder, but because it is already in the urethra. You know how you can’t ejaculate and urinate at the same time? That’s because there is a mechanism that closes off the bladder when a man is sexually aroused. Make sense? From the sounds of it, you are using your method correctly, and should be gaining the full nutritional and energetic benefits. How do you feel?

      • Hi Devi. Yes I too hope that I am performing correctly. As of energy level. till now I am not feeling much difference than before. Yes before moving to tantra, I used to masturbate a lot with ejaculation and I use to feel weak after that for 2-3 days. That feeling is not there with semen retention now. Hope my earlier habit of masturbation will not cause any harm in future? I am 29 virgin and unmarried:). yes and I feel that I am experiencing full body orgasm as the sensation always goes to brain , and is not concentrated on genitals. Can I try having tantric sex with a partner, although I dont have any as of now.

  14. I’m 45 and I practiced semen retention for 13 months (without orgasm). It was my first experience over such a long timeframe (till then I’d done 3-month cycles). I cannot laud it highly enough in terms of the overall boost to perception, well-being and magical sense of being at one with the world. From 10 months on I was hitting almost drug-like highs. At 16 months I injaculated as the desire for orgasm became too great, especially after 13 months, and I did incur a few seminal losses from then on. Now I’m trying to establish whether there’s an optimum retention time, or whether it just requires further cultivation to go on and on indefinitely unless there’s an imperative to father a child. Key discovery: inner practice needs to go hand in hand with an outer practice of becoming ever more attuned to the world around and to the social opportunities that open up. I regret losing it after 16 months, although it was grounding in a way. I also desynched or found I wasn’t sufficiently synched socially at 10 months, even while retaining, and I definitely would have preferred just to go on and on indefinitely with occasional injaculations. That said, I’m not sure injaculating can be used effectively more than several times a year on physiological or energetic grounds. Any views or comments as to optimum retention times? I read somewhere that 1 one year 11 days represents some kind of complete cycle. Also I found 10 months to be a significant marker, but this might just be my own personal experience and I’m curious to know whether there are any objective standards or thresholds. Further factors to take into account are times of year. My stretch went from May 2012 to June/October 2013. Now I’m on a fresh cycle. Any comments??

  15. For those interested more deeply in this matter I strongly recommend the book “taoist secrets of love” written in 1984 more or less by mantak chia who was able to master the semen retention over several decades, I think it is the only serious material on this topic available with some exercises to do not only alone in order to retain the semen but also exercises that one could do with a woman in order to control the ejaculation and interchange sexual energies between the two. BTW is interesting that a woman writes an article about semen retention, anyway I am glad to find articles like this and find men interested to gain power through this method. Regards!

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  17. Hi there Devi, I’ve been trying semen retention 4 months now. Abstaining from self pleasuring and sex through this entire period. I’m nearly 40 now, and although I’ve been doing this I keep having nocturnal emissions every couple of weeks if not more frequently. How do I stop this?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Kamal! Thanks so much for asking, Okay #1. There is absolutely NO need for you to abstain from sex and self-pleasure!! That is the problem right there. The issue is that you need to learn the correct “methods” for separating orgasm from ejaculation. Then, you have as much pleasure and intimacy as you want, simply refrain from ejaculating. There is a process that your body goes through when you have sexual pleasure, and use the non-ejaculatory orgasm techniques. First your orgasms may be very minimal. Then they grow to be all consuming and even BETTER than your ejaculatory orgasms. You are experiencing nocturnal emission because your body NEEDS and outlet for sexual tension. You will have MUCH better results if you do engage in sexual pleasure, and learn to orgasm without ejaculating. We have this for you in detail at the following link- http://authentictantra.com/semen-retention/
      I also invite you to read a real life testimonial from one of my current students about his experience with semen retention and non-ejaculatory orgasms.- http://authentictantra.com/semen-retention/magical-power-semen-retention/

      • Hi Devi, thank you for this info. I checked out authentic Tantra, I see you can get a video. As I want this to be discrete is anything sent out to me or is it all online.
        I was just wondering if there’s a discount code for this Video also. Many thanks

      • Hello Kamal, The video is all online. Nothing comes in the mail. You will get an email with your user info, once you purchase the video. All of the videos are currently on sale, so there is no further discount available.Thanks so much!

      • Hi Devi,
        I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this comment section and the articles! I’m a 23 year old male, turning 24 in a few weeks and I’m starting the practice of semen retention by edging. I have a fleshlight that I use.
        After about 5 tries or so, I started getting good at it! When I feel like I’m about to ejaculate, I’ll stop for a few moments and feel a terrific tingling sensation, sometimes cooling sensation all over. It’s like goosebumps! I’ve lost track of time and have edged for 3 hours straight!
        I first got interested in the benefits of semen retention for one reason: thinning hair. In my younger days (sounds silly saying that), I was ejaculating too often and after some time, I noticed my hair thinning and my mental sharpness slipping. Have you come across anything in your expertise suggesting possible benefits for reversing thinning hair via saving the nutrients that would be lost? I’ve always taken good care of my hair. When I was in my teens, sometimes I would feel changes in my scalp after ejaculating but I thought it just meant I had an amazing load. I wasn’t able to connect the dots. Now, I’m able to separate the two separate phenomena.
        Thanks for reading this & I look forward to your reply!

      • Hi there,
        YES! I have heard of a relationship between thinning hair and excessive ejaculation. I believe it has something to do with the testosterone lost, as well as zinc and other vital nutrients. Yes, I have heard that retaining semen can help with that as well.Thanks for asking and so very glad you have read and enjoyed!

  18. Hello sir…
    Sir I wana retain my semen to get its benefits … I don’t masturbate now.. since 4-5 months… but I faces nocturnal emission once in a month… what to do? How can I prevent these things… Are nocturnal emission similar to masturbation? If I faces wet dreams then I m not going to get the benefits of semen retention?

    • Hi there dr. guru,
      Yes, so the idea is to still have sexual pleasure, but learn the process of separating orgasm from ejaculation. Orgasm and pleaure help move and circulate all of that yummy sexual energy through your body, and help you to actually utilize and process the build up of semen. If you are just abstaining, chances are you are building up a frustrated sexual charge, which the body WILL release, one way or the other. Kind of like a pressure valve. If you learn the Tantric methods of separating orgasm from ejaculation, you can then cultivate a positive sexual charge, and use the pleasure and orgasm to circulate the build up of energy throughout your entire nervous system. Hope that helps! I commend you for your efforts thus far and celebrate your desire to master your sexual power! Best wishes to you :-)

  19. Devi,
    Thanks again so much for answering my last questions! I have a couple follow up questions.
    1- you mentioned the difference between “injaculating” and “non ejaculatory orgasms” to one commentor, but if I understood your reply correctly, you spoke on the non ejaculatory orgasms only and did not go into any details on injaculating. OR, are those two terms the same thing? Forgive me for asking such a newb question.
    2- as a follow up to my first question, you do believe it is fine to pleasure yourself, while refraining from ejaculating, to receive the 5 benefits? In other words, it would be more beneficial to pleasure yourself and not ejaculate instead of not pleasuring yourself at all? I read on a forum site about this topic that just by pleasuring yourself, even if you don’t ejaculate, that you are releasing some of the energy that you’re trying to conserve. On the other hand (no pun intended), from what I’ve understood from your replies, pleasuring yourself and practicing the tantric methods etc will curb wet dreams.
    Again, thanks for all of your wisdom on this topic. It’s really turned my world upside down! I used to think that I was a never ending sperm bank, capable of recovering in a day or so from ejaculating. I used to measure my own vitality in how many times I could ejaculate, how much I could ejaculate at once, thickness of ejaculate and even how far it could shoot. Boy was I wrong! Wasting all of my essence that way.
    I’ve been able to see some positive changes already and I look forward to more self improvement and self discovery

    • Hi Chris,
      Injaculating- this term is used in 2 ways from what I understand. 1- is just as a non-ejaculatory orgasm, the other is when the semen goes back into the bladder and unrinated out, as opposed to being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Given that the valve to the bladder is CLOSED during orgasm, there should be no danger of this for most men, unless they are taking “flowmax”, which keeps that valve open. In that case, we recommend an alternative semen retention method.

      In regards to your second question- YES, please DO self pleasure! There is absolutely no benefit in abstinence in my opinion. Sexual pleasure is HEALTHY for body, mind, and spirit. Just DON’T ejaculate. By regularly self pleasuring, you are BUILDING a charge, enriching your health, and cultivating your sexual energy. If you abstain, you stagnate. Stagnate sexual energy leads to illness. In Taoist sexual practices, the #1 cause of ED is excessive ejac. The #1 cure- LOTS of sexual stimulation, NO ejac. The idea that sexual pleasure disperses energy is completely ERRONEOUS. Sexual pleasure is one of the most nourishing things you can do for your body, mind, and spirit. Just retain your semen essence, and ejac once every 6 weeks or so. Preferably with a partner.

      • Hi Devi, I’ve another question regarding this. There was talk about ejaculating and prostate health. I’d we practice semen retention, and when we do wish to ejaculate what are your views on Prostate massage. Is this discussed in Tibetan Tantra?

        Thank you

      • Hello Kamal,
        Sorry for the delay on this. Prostate massage is AWESOME and highly recommended. We do not cover that topic specifically in our online program, but we do speak about it in our workshops and indviudual coaching sessions for those who are interested.

  20. What’s the difference between holding the tip so semen doesn’t come out and any other semen retention method? If that is equal to others, then what would be the difference if you were to drink your own semen afterwards….the whole point of retention is for your testes and Prostate to not have to recreate the fluids, correct?

    • Thanks for your question. I have not yet encountered a man who can retain his semen by simply squeezing the tip. For most men, the force of ejaculation is so great, it would blow right through a tip “squeeze”. The “loss” during ejac. is not just physical, but energetic as well. The other semen retention methods we encourage “catch” the ejaculate (as well as the CHI) before it hits the urethra. The whole point of semen retention is to keep the vital essences IN the body. This can happen in a few different ways, but drinking it afterwards is not one of them…

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