The Scoop on Foreskin, Dick Pic’s and Getting Your Libido Back

Okay guys- What’s the deal with “Dick Pics” during online dating? Tonight on Better Love and Sex, Devi wants YOU to tell her WTF is up with that? Also- What’s the scoop on foreskin? Apparently it is the MOST sensitive … Continue reading

Better Orgasms & Better Health With Semen Retention For Men

Tantra Workshops & Coaching for Men

Can men experience BETTER orgasms and better health with semen retention? Devi gives you the low down on the health and relationship benefits of semen retention, and how to have bigger, better orgasms with NO ejaculation! Listen now to find … Continue reading

Date with Devi – Vaginal Aromas, Precum, and Semen Retention for Men

Devi Ward Tantra Sex Education and Coaching for women

Go on a date with Devi and special guest, Montique Stephan and get answers to all of your questions about sexuality, spirituality, health, and happiness! In this episode we talk about: * Vaginal Aromas- What IS your Vagina supposed to … Continue reading

Better Sex with the Sinclair Institute


Devi speaks with Marketing Director, Rebecca Cook of the The Sinclair Institute and their mission to bring better sex to the bedrooms of mainstream America! Rebecca Cook is director of marketing, new business development and wholesale operations. Sinclair is in … Continue reading

TripleXXX Truth Or Dare~Erotic Games For Adults!

Erotic games for adultsJoin Devi for an Erotic Adventure with her guests, the Co-Founders of TripleXXX Truth or Dare- Extreme Erotic Games for adults ONLY!

Find out how you can bring serious spice back to the bedroom with sensual, erotic, “play dates!”


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About TripleXXX Truth or Dare:
Our mission is to provide products to various sexualities for enjoyment, enhancement and growth of the person or couple.
Company Overview:
XXX Truth or Dare (TM) is an Adult Products and Gaming Developer specializing in couples and singles pleasure for the straight and gay!
Based in Canada, our founders are are select in bringing to market only the best products for Adult Entertainment, whether it be games, toys, lingerie or clothing.
General Information

Products are shipped throughout the world, so no border is an issue for your valued pleasure!

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Loving our Cycles, Loving Ourselves

Madeleine Shaw

Loving our cycles, loving ourselves: how connecting with our fertility cycles supports body positivity, empowerment and pleasure Devi speaks with Madeleine Shaw, Creator of Lunapads on how women can heal their relationship with their menstrual cycle and create an empowered … Continue reading